theatre 101

we're opening SWEET CHARITY this friday at pioneer theatre company.  
i'm getting loads of great questions so i figure i should address them on the blog....

1. will you perform in every show?

yes. i play "Helene." unless i am on my death bed, injured, or something major happens, you will see me play this role.......

let me define things a bit: 


when you are in a principal role (usually a lead or a secondary lead in a show), you are to perform every night in that role. for instance, in SWEET CHARITY, Helene is a principal role (meaning, i never appear as anything or anyone other than this character). 


a standby does not perform in the show nightly. they hang backstage and are only reserved to go on when their principal character cannot perform. ie. "Elphaba" in WICKED has a standby appointed to cover the role if she is unable to perform. often, big stars in big roles will have a standby. not every show requires a standby. 


an alternate usually does not perform in the show nightly, but is assigned anywhere from one to four performances/ week. ie. "Eva" in EVITA and "Frankie" in JERSEY BOYS usually have an alternate who does 2 perfs/wk. they are often given the option to do more performances if the principal is unable to perform... if they choose not to perform, the understudy will be asked. 


an understudy generally performs in the ensemble of the show and may be featured quite heavily while also knowing the principal roles they understudy. ie. "Elphaba" has, not only, a standby, but one or two ensemble understudies (or "covers" as they're often called).  in CHARITY, i have an understudy. she is in the ensemble and learns my part from watching and rehearsal with the stage manager. i have understudied shows where i only cover one role and another show where i covered 3. understudies are amazing.. but the HARDEST job on broadway is a ......


a swing is not contracted to perform nightly. they generally understudy the ENSEMBLE roles. when an understudy is sick or on for a principal character, the swing fills in and takes their place. often, a swing can cover 5-9 ensemble tracks. i have no idea how they keep it straight. i'm just not smart enough make my brain work like that, but a good swing is the most valuable person in the company. most broadway shows have at least 2 swings if not more. 


often called the "chorus." these roles generally appear as multiple people or characters during the show. often, but not always, the ensemble will understudy principal roles. 

2. what do you call the thing you're doing? 

 a "play" is a piece of theatre -generally without musical numbers. 
a "musical" is a play with music. 

i call it a "show."

it's easier. 

i've often been asked, "how many broadways have you done?"
i'm pretty sure that means, "how many broadway shows have you performed in?"

which leads me to my next point of clarification.........

who can to claim they've been on broadway?

lately, especially in utah, i've heard a lot of people billed as "broadway stars."
most of those people have never, ever, been in a broadway show. 

a national tour (even if that show was or is currently on broadway) is not a broadway show. 
you have to be in a BROADWAY show IN new york city to claim that title. so if you know someone who toured in the national tour of LES MISERABLES, that's a wonderful credit... but it isn't a broadway credit. it's a touring credit. doesn't mean those people aren't wildly talented. they are. they're just not on broadway. 

same goes for OFF broadway. it's cool and great but it does not give you the credit to claim it as a BROADWAY show. 

before i made my broadway debut, i was very quick to correct people who called me a "broadway actress." it was something i hoped for and dreamed about but it hadn't happened yet so i would just say that i was hoping for that someday but for now... i was an "actress."
may be a point of symantics to you, but making it on broadway means something and its just straight up weird when people claim they've achieved that. it's special. 

3. what is the difference between equity and non-equity?

actors equity is the professional actors union. you have to either be cast in a broadway, national touring show or a theatre that requires an equity actor in order to join the union. these days, there are MANY national tours that play big theatres that do not bill non- equity tours the same way equity tours are billed. i think it's a little dishonest to charge the exact same ticket price for an non-equity tour that you would for an equity tour. the talent in non- equity tours is often comparable, but the show quality and caliber is not as regulated. when you buy tickets  in touring venues, ask the box office if the show you interested in is an equity show. 

4. can i meet you after the show? 

yes, of course! it would be my privilege and my pleasure to meet you! just ask the usher where the "stage door" is located and hang out there. i'll come out and say hello. 

5. can i get free tickets?

no. no you can't.  please don't ask.if my parents and my boyfriend pay for tickets, you do too. i wish we had comps but, kids, there's no money in theatre. 

so now you know!
come see us! this show will be really fun. 


Oh, hi!
Remember me?
Yes. MIA again.
I'm currently writing from the rehearsal studios at pioneer... from my phone.

See... I'm in rehearsal aaaalllll day, every day for SWEET CHARITY and I can't bear the thought of a laptop or phone separating me from my love when I get home to him at night... So I'm a terrible blogger but a fairly decent girlfriend these days. I'm madly and totally in love with this man. Have I ever said that before? Pretty sure I haven't... This is epic. Seriously.

Before it becomes indecent to write about other men (it may already be..) I will leave you with a great, big, a-listy story ... One I was saving cause things were still on the back burner (but not anymore- I only have eyes for the coach).
Soon. I promise.
Maybe I'll bring my laptop to tech.

Who is coming to see this show? I think it's pretty great.


jonny p and maggie k

my heart is so heavy over the passing of my dear, sweet, john pinette
we met during the first national tour of HAIRSPRAY and maintained a very special friendship over the last 10 years. he has been my friend, confidante, and stuffed me full of more milkshakes, steaks, and chocolates than anyone else on this earth. we had adventures all over the country and he introduced me to so many cherished friends. 

he is mostly remembered for his hilarious humor, but his generosity of wealth and spirit and his great big heart is what i will miss the very most. to dottie and kathy, his sisters, my heart is broken for you all. this is a great loss for us all.  i will miss the first 20 min of every conversation where he practiced his new material on me to which i'd usually giggle and he'd say, "i know what you're going to say...,you're so stupid, jonny." i didn't need to watch his stand up. i lived it. 

the morning after i heard the devastating news, my sister, nina, went into (one week) early labor with her little precious, maggie kathryn. my darling, BIL, dan, offered to fly me out for all the fun so the coach raced me to provo to pick up some clothes (as we had been in deer valley- planning to ski the fresh monday powder) then to the airport where i arrived two hours after this speedy girl was born. 
thankfully, i was able to watch her birth via facetime as i was boarding the airplane. 

in my history, every time i have lost a cherished loved one for whatever reason, the void has always been filled in some way- though never so immediately. 
yes, i still grieve and miss the people who are gone, but it's funny, some of the precious elements of those people are alive in the new people that enhance my life. 
the circle of life, right?
we have such a loving and tender God. 

if losing jonny and gaining maggie is any indication of this, i'm sure this precious tiny girl will be absolutely hilarious, deeply sensitive, and generous with a heart as big as the sea. 

jonny, i will miss you every day. heaven just got a lot funnier.

maggie, welcome to our beautiful tribe. we love you already. 



before i booked my first broadway show, i was suuuper into patricia moreno's intensati workout at equinox in nyc...
it was during the whole "secret" rage and the power of positive thinking became really attractive to me.... and even more attractive when a killer workout was attached.

the week before i met the coach, i decided i needed a paradigm change. i was focusing on what i lacked in my life (essentially everything.. a job, a healthy relationship, money, a pleasant attitude) and found myself in a vortex of fear.. fear that i'd never truly get what i want. i'd been living in that space for a few months and it wasn't a happy town. i realized i needed to dig myself out of this myself (with some divine intervention, obviously)... so i dug this little dvd treasure out of the dvd case and in one hour, i was happier, sweatier, lighter, and lovelier. i really believe it changed things for me in a small but profound way.

you should try it. it's really really fantastic and so motivating... also, i was sore for 2 days (always a benchmark for workout success).

Intensati: Intention and Power - A High Energy Workout for Body, Mind & Soul


lds womens conference

did you watch this?
i was so deeply moved by this conference.
the Lord truly loves his women.

oh, what? i have a blog?

so if you're a long time reader of the MIM, you know that i go MIA when i'm in the thick of rehearsals, broken hearted or buzzing in a new relationship....

buzz buzz buzz...

i'm so in love.

it's so great. like, beyond great.
i can't wait to do a big ole epic post about how immense and simple and different and life changing it is.... but i'm still holding out on that one.... for a little while, at least.

but i will say that this man is so so good... and i am so much better when i am with him.
what a blessing he is, this dear, wonderful human being.

in an effort to be together, considering he lives in utah and travels every other day, i have flown to utah twice in the last two weeks (in between auditions), and watched a whole lot of JAZZ games (hey, he got reeeally lucky with me... i love sports).

tomorrow, i fly to utah to train for a bit and love on him before i start SWEET CHARITY at pioneer theatre company. who knew how timely and perfect this job would be?!

all i can say is the Lord's timing is surely remarkable on this one.
oh, and i'm so blessed.
and so happy.

a bit of me keeps waiting for the ball to drop. you know, because it ALWAYS does... this must be too good to be true, right? is this really happening?

but thinking that way is no way to live or love....

i'm going with it, come what may.

all dressed up in love and loving it.


Green Smoothie

i did a whole body/spirit challenge at the beginning of this year with my sisters, mom, and friends.
one of the guidelines was to eat 6 servings of vegetables... which was reeeeally hard.
i found that the only way to make that happen was to pack in a few servings of spinach first thing in the am....

while the other good habits i created have gone to the wayside, i continue to be obsessed with my green smoothie.

seriously, you know i love my treats.
this tastes like a peanut butter split. you really can't taste the spinach at. all.
i have it every single day for one of my meals.

try it!

MIM's Green Smoothie
3/4 c. original almond milk
a big dollop of nonfat greek yogurt
a small dollop of all natural peanut butter
2-3 frozen banana chunks (remember to break the banana into pieces BEFORE you freeze)
1 T. chia seeds
2-3 ice cubes
a whole lot of spinach (i put it in last and pack the spinach to the top of the blender)

do you have a smoothie you love?



{ the bachelor- juan pablo } biggest bumski in bach history

really? REALLY?

ok... i'm sorry (not sorry) that this is so late. it's pretty obvious that this man hung the moon if i'll give up a few incredible bachelor FINALE parties to go to his game. i'm go glad i did. real live > blogging > reality tv any day. i'm so happy. i can't handle it. 

  1. i'm ready for st lucia. 
  2. i love that the cousin hitched a ride on the bach train. did they pay for his braces?
  3. i love the "sacraMENto"
  4. clare's makeup is always ON. POINT.
  5. camila is not having clare. 
  6. someone put clare in a cold shower. 
  7. clare is SO nervous. 
  8. ok, now i'm in love so i'm really keen to the BS factor. 
  9. she's full of it. 
  10. HEPERactive. 
  11. is he medicated?
  12. what just happened with his mom?!
  13. his dad is sweet. 
  14. i'm bored. bored. bored. 
  15. i do love a child in a good bow. 
  16. backless dress with that dove flying into her armpit to meet the fam?
  17. nikki is nervous as well..... this "blessed" and "grateful" speech is well prepared.
  18. JP has some serious sweat marks. should have gone with a navy shirt. 
  19. oh boy. dad is telling some serious truth here. 
  20. nikki is speaking so deliberately and slowly. doesn't she think his mom speaks english. 
  21. this is just weird. what's your itinerary for camila?!
  22. and there's the truth... he's gonna sit around and watch tv!
  23. YES! there's a MAN! sign me UP!
  24. long hesitation, mom. 
  25. nelly is a beautiful lady. 
  26. oh neat! he watches tv and walks away from relationships. 
  27. look how surprised he is that she's not scared. 
  28. it's the carribean! i'm not going to wear a bra.... or a back! -thomas
  29. i'm with you, studio audience lady. 
  30. yeah the family was pretty candid. 
  31. "ees not ok."
  32. dog lover always speaks the truth. 
  33. you know she's wondering how she can bring up her gay dads. 
  34. i LOVE catherine's fringe. 
  35. this man is not into it. 
  36. clare is smizing AT ALL TIMES. 
  37. just totally aware of the camera.
  38. oh clare! what did he whisper! we're on pins and needles. 
  39. did he say something dirty?
  40. definitely.
  41. wow. go clare. 
  42. i'm pretty sure i know what he said. 
  43. and, honestly, clare..... you hooked up with him in the ocean so i'm not sure you should be totally surprised....
  44. he's kind of unraveling. 
  45. there is so much arrogance in his eyes. 
  46. i'm not sure i understand what she wants him to say. 
  47. he DID say he didn't need the physical so .... what does she need?
  48. ew. with her mouth open. 
  49. why was she talking like a baby with an accent?
  50. it's hard for me cause i'm such an effing victim. 
  51. clare will take scraps. 
  52. i canNOT handle her sex faces. 
  53. are you kiding me with this song?
  54. this girl is a piece of work. 
  55. for the first time in my life, i like sharleen and her vampire lips and thoughts. 
  56. yeah. that was painful and manipulative. he was gross. 
  57. that is a well cut bikini top. 
  58. cool, nikki. talk about the weather. 
  59. is that an oil puddle round that sternum of his?
  60. this man is all about a bed and tv. 
  61. nothing to do with her. 
  62. what?
  63. by himself?
  64. did he just announce that. 
  65. pretty selfish body language. 
  66. WHAT is happening with the bottom of that dress?!
  67. you're going to be waiting for a long time for that jp. 
  68. look at her. she's tortured. she knows it's wrong and isn't trusting her guy. 
  69. does she really have orange undies on?
  70. she has such a cute body! why would she wear that toilet paper dress.- jess
  71. she looks like she's going to throw up as he kisses her. 
  72. that hair color! 
  73. let's pray she gets a root touch up before the finale. 
  74. i mean, that body!
  75. this is just icky. 
  76. why is she crying? 
  77. she wanted an "i love you" but isn't it contracted that he can't say that...
  78. he was pretty patronizing after that letter. 
  79. ooooh those are some tight pants, jp. 
  80. poor girls have to ruin their hair on those boats. 
  81. i do love nik's dress.
  82. the ambient noise is such an omen. 
  83. ooooh clare is the first? that's a surprise. 
  84. poor thing. having to walk in sand. 
  85. good thing they walked thru that door with that non-existant wall protecting the area. 
  86. ok candle light in the daytime...
  87. maybe they had to push the shoot forward?
  88. he looks glinty. 
  89. why is she doing the speech? isn't he supposed to speech?
  90. ooop. she is catching on. eyebrows raise, jaw tightens, eyes dart.
  91. oooh wait... the hand?
  92. this is uncomfortable. 
  93. this is not gracious. 
  94. i get that the chicks are all "woman power" about it but that was a little dramatic. 
  95. oooh man. he's not gracious either. 
  96. i really did think he'd pick her. 
  97. yeah, clare. i thought that's what he said. 
  98. so doing that in the ocean is confirmed. 
  99. that's some good stuff, though!- jess.
  100. nikki's legs are so pretty.- jess
  101. good thing. we're seeing a lot of em. 
  102. that slit is slutstitute material.
  103. i really don't like the girl monologue before the proposals thing...
  104. i'm seriously shocked. they edited it like clare was the front runner from the beginning.
  105. poor nikki is profusely sweating. 
  106. i love your honesty cause you're like me and i love myself. 
  107. ouch. "i like you a lot."
  108. say no! say no!
  109. she just wanted to win. 
  110. no music...
  111. ah there it is. 
  112. yeah.. i knew he wouldn't propose.
  113. you're doing "well," clare. 
  114. that hair color is right on. 
  115. those extensions are tough. 
  116. she's such a head-in-the-clouds, princess girl. 
  117. you already did repeat it. clare.
  118. she's totally gunning for bachelorette. never going to happen. she's not relatable. 
  119. great dress. 
  120. oooh jp. so political. you KNOW abc coached that. 
  121. did he just snap at chris?! yeow. 
  122. you don't like speaking about your private things ... which is why you went on the show?
  123. he's talking a mile a minute. 
  124. "eees fine" is the new "it's ok"
  125. wooooooah. he's so out of touch. 
  126. he's asking for it. 
  127. good! nikki learned!
  128. she looks fantastic! gorgeous color and great makeup. 
  129. i'm surprised that they're together. 
  130. nope... he hasn't told her he loves her. wow. 
  131. this is so uncomfortable. 
  132. poor girl. he's just not that into her. 
  133. (consider) all his other options now that he's famous.- thomas.
  134. hmmm. so he bait and switched....
  135. this is SO uncomfortable. 
  136. she looks like a battered woman. 
  137. this is awful. 
  138. he gets pissed when he's asked.-thomas
  139. oook. now he's defensive. 
  140. wow he's crazy! totally crazy!
  141. i was completely bamboozled by him. 
  142. he's such a jerk. 
  143. this uncomfortable pressing is so horrible. 
  144. yes, shawn! that's a man. 
  145. so she's just getting closer and closer?
  146. she'll be on his lap in a minute. -thomas
  147. she's brainwashed.-thomas
  148. this is just miserable. 
  149. on one hand, i totally respect him for that, but it's all so horribly awkward. 
  150. it's funny that when asked about the relationship, he just gets pissed off.- thomas
  151. clearly. CLEARLY. 
  152. well done, chris. 
  153. what plans changed drastically?!?!
  154. cause he was booted from dancing with the stars, right?
  155. shawn is like, "i got married on tv... so...."
  156. good girl, catherine. 
  157. he doesn't get it!
  158. i love that chris is being snarky.. but he shouldn't be pressured to say he loves her if he doesn't. 
  159. that's TWICE in a lifetime, andi.- thomas. 
  160. ok, andi. bring it. 
  161. does a DA really go out in the field like that?
  162. in heels?
  163. please don't pop that dress! it's fabulous. 
  164. just girls seething with jealousy. 
  165. she's had a little work done. 
  166. fillers. 
  167. jess doesn't think she looks as good...
  168. i think it's fillers...
yeah, express your emotions IF you can express your emotions from under that botox mask.
oook well that was unsatisfying.
i really don't think JP had to profess his love for nikki.... but it sucks that he ended up being a royal tool in the end. do i need to have trust issues now that i loved him for so long and he turned out to be horrible?!



in a new york minute....

hideous pic, i know.... but you  need to understand the size reference

everything has changed.
game changer.

this man.
oh, i don't even know where to begin...

i will say that we have a pretty adorable story including the fact that he called me "melissa" (not adorable) on our first date in utah and weren't even into each other..... we call that "melissa's first date."
"natalie's first date" was in nyc and i have not slept more than an hour since that night.
we have too much to cover. we are lost in a cocoon and i never want to emerge.

in typical MiM fashion, i'm going to keep this dreamy man (i suppose we'll call him THE COACH) to myself.
he's quite public in his professional life but fiercely private about his personal life and i'd like to keep it that way-- for the record, he gave me his blessing to write about us, but i want him all for myself, thank you very much.  it's funny, neither one of us knew much about the other professionally... which is amazing. i fell in love with his core. so much goodness there.

oh and he's tall (6'8" vs. 5'3")! and hilarious! and smart! and well read! and kind! and interesting! and gentle! and confident! and strong! and capable! and just... i don't know... earth shaking and peaceful all at once.

this one feels different, friends.
it does.

i'm in trouble.



i am thrilled to announce MAKING IT- SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!
this session, i'm partnering with the brilliant ANNA AIMEE WHITE. we met doing GREASE on broadway and have been best girls ever since. she is one of the most incredible human beings and SICKEST talents i know! 

$175 for anyone registering* today, THURSDAY, MARCH 6th. 

to register, email MormonInManhattan@gmail.com. 

*registration is not complete until a payment is made. 

photo: spencer hall

what are previous students saying about MAKING IT?

The workshop was a blast! I learned so much because it was so well-rounded with the sessions that were provided.  We got a real taste of Broadway when we danced Hairspray, a vocal lesson even better than a master class, a songwritting session that was turned into a highly valuable life examination process, and an audition class that taught us exciting exercises to pull out our best possible performance in an audition setting.  The guest teachers were phenomenal, challenging me to think and perform in ways I didn't anticipate.  I feel like I got the best education I could because of each guest artists' extensive resume.  The day did not even seem like it was seven hours because of how much fun everyone was having.  I loved the energy from Natalie Hill throughout the day.  So many questions were answered I had about the entertainment side of art.  Overall, I was able to leave feeling motivated and had an increased confidence in what I love to do.  Thank you Natalie Hill for putting together such an amazing day that I will never forget! 
 - Natalie B. (student at the University of Utah)

My experience with Natalie's workshop was awesome! I feel a lot more confidence in my decision to follow my dreams and in my abilities 
- Jon R. (student at Brigham Young University)

join the party today!! xo 



the first ever MAKING IT workshop was a huge success. 
our group was at capacity with the most special talents. 
i was seriously blown away by each and every one of them. 
and our instructors?! beyond. 

jeff mclean's vocal masterclass was completely brilliant and hysterical. this man keeps me in stitches. 
it was wonderful to see the transformation that all of the students made throughout the day. 

mindy gledhill gave such an inspirational class-really. a wonderful life coaching session. she is a treasure.

i have never loved teaching as much as i love teaching this workshop. advanced, older students really are my jam. i love seeing the moments they make a discovery and realize new, beautiful parts of themselves. it was really special. thank you to the incredible group of students, our gorgeous space (xtendbarre provo), jeff, mindy, our accompanist (john), and michael mclean for allowing us to borrow your keyboard. it was a really fun day for me.

MAKING IT- southern california!

$25 off registration starts tomorrow~
more info to come!

{ giveaway } and interview with GEORGIA PELLEGRINI

 my darling georgia pellegrini's THIRD book, Modern Pioneering: More Than 150 Recipes, Projects, and Skills for a Self-Sufficient Lifeis released today and i couldn't be more proud or happy for this fearless friend of mine. we have shared treats and tears over relationships and pioneering our own trails within these careers and lives we are creating.  this is such a beautiful labor of love and one that is accessible for every woman, single, urban, suburban, married...
i want you to know her. she's remarkable.


 here is sweet G in her most candid interview to date:

MiM: G, you were raised a nyc city prep school girl...how on earth did you find yourself a pioneering girl hunter?

GP: I grew up on the same land that my great-grandfather lived on, and always felt a deep connection to the place. I used to fish for trout and eat it for breakfast and my great-aunt knew the name of every plant on our land. I went to prep school in NYC so I always had a foot in two very different worlds—one where Ivanka Trump lived and one where I was shoveling chicken manure. After college and a stint on Wall Street I wanted to find a way to get back to my roots. When I became a chef and then a food writer, and then started hunting my food, I always wanted to hold onto that femininity, the way my grandmother’s generation did. They were such strong, crafty, self-sufficient women, but they always were feminine, wore dresses and made sure their hair was put together. I try to live by those principals. 

MiM: you were going thru a pretty traumatic breakup while you were writing this book. how did you cope? was writing helpful or frustrating? 

Wow… you know what? You’re the FIRST person I’ve ever talked to about my personal life publicly and what better place to “come out” than here? Sometimes people on my Facebook fan page ask if I “like girls” because I’m so mute about it. How fun, here goes.

The answer is, I think this book project came at the best time possible. I was going through one of the hardest most traumatic moments of my life, I put everything I owned in storage, came back to New York, and I dove head first into writing, recipe testing, and photographing this book. I look at it now and can’t believe how much content I squished into 300 pages but it also makes sense… I just didn’t want to stop creating and making and exploring. I love how this book turned out because I put every ounce of myself into it. It was part of a very cathartic experience for me. it is my third “baby” so to speak and there’s nothing I would change about it. I want people to be able to really use it, roll up their sleeves and get messy with it. Experience life viscerally, step outside their comfort zone a bit, try new, fun and fabulous things. And feel super empowered in the process.

MiM: what is your favorite meal to cook for a man you're dating? do you have a "go to" for wooing a man?

Well I’m known as the “meat girl,” and I find the way to a man’s heart really is meat. They just love the stuff. A really good roasted chicken, or even better a big steak is what they want in life. They’re simple humans and they want simple, mouth watering comfort food. Just make sure you wear a pretty dress and a little homemade tinted lipgloss from my book while you serve it and you’re golden.

MiM: what's your best pioneering beauty advice?

Do fun things with your kitchen bits. For example, if you have leftover red wine at the bottom of the bottle after a party, pour it into your bathtub and submerge yourself, the red wine is amazing for your skin. Or… use the leftover coffee grinds from your morning coffee as an anti-cellulite body scrub. Or take the ground almonds from your homemade almond milk and mix it with salt and honey and have an exfoliating body scrub. Or make your own homemade tinted lip gloss from items you already have in your pantry. Be thrifty and beautiful all at once.

MiM: you're essentially the annie oakley of austin, would you ever date a vegetarian? 

HA… that would be very, very hard. I tried dating a guy who didn’t eat red meat before and well, we know how that worked out (see above!).

MiM: what is your ideal "last supper?”

A whole roasted smoked pig that has been slowly cooking for 12 hours over a spit… blanketed in strips of bacon and jars of molasses. Served with some bright green vegetables on the side. I’m kind of a cave woman in what I like to eat. 

MiM: what food/restaurant do you miss most in nyc when you're in texas?

I miss the service! I’m such an impatient New Yorker and I love how everyone is on the ball in New York City. I miss eating at Gramercy Tavern where I used to work because it is so cozy and feels like home, but I also miss my hidden gem spots, like Freeman’s downtown, have you ever been?
 (MiM: i love it. let's go when you're in town for the launch.)It’s my spot… the style is like my house in Austin, “Primitive Modern.” There aren’t truly unique spaces quite like that yet in Austin.

MiM: what food/restaurant do you miss most in texas when you're in nyc?

I miss the outdoor eating aspect of Austin when I’m in NYC. Austin is one of the most social places in the world because the weather is always great so everyone is always outside on a patio somewhere socializing and eating good food. Also, the air here always smells like amazing barbecue. It’s just part of the DNA of the streets.

MiM: what should a cooking novice keep in her kitchen at all times?

Good sea salt! I know that seems simple but most people don’t know how to season their food properly. People are afraid of salt but a little bit will make something average taste extraordinary. The key with seasoning with salt is that you should never taste the salt but rather the flavor of the ingredient should just “pop” more.

MiM: what's your biggest hunting faux pas? 

I always like to feel like a woman and own it, I am very protective of my right to wear mascara, lipgloss and gear that fits me well, rather than fit in with “the guys.” It’s much more fun to be in the outdoors or in life for that matter, when you feel like your truest self.

thanks Georgia!

i keep telling her she's more MORMON than i am...and she's not Mormon.  my oven is currently storing shoes.... i can't wait to start my own sprouting, mixing my own lipgloss, and making squash blossoms!!
gotta get back to my pioneer roots (sorry, willard richards & daniel stark)!

our girl is offering a copy of Modern Pioneering: More Than 150 Recipes, Projects, and Skills for a Self-Sufficient Life
 to one lucky MiM reader!
enter below!

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beauty on a budget- OXY daily defense cleansing pads

i'm a girl on a tiiiiight budget these days (regional work, while artistically fulfilling... just doesn't pay a broadway salary- which isn't much as it is). 
so i'm going to throw out some of my greatest finds for a girl in a pinch who still needs to look expensive. 
that sounds really prostitutey.... you get where i'm going.... 

call me a teenager and let's play MASH!!

i'm obsessed with the OXY Daily Defense Cleansing Pads
i received them in a swag bag and used them to see if they could control my stage makeup mini-breakouts. 
gangbusters, you guys. gangbusters. 
i'm crazy about them. they don't dry me out but have totally flatlined breakouts. 

more to come...


{ the bachelor - juan pablo } WOMEN TELL ALL

we had a really fun group tonight. new viewers, old viewers, and lots of opinions...

mairin: not pictured...

  1. ok. so when does the free spirit care about ANYTHING?!
  2.  these previews look amazing
  3. chris is dressed to join the mafia in that pinstrips. 
  4. i live for the sappy audience shots. 
  5. i love catherine's "grown sexy" hair. 
  6. who is tooting what?!
  7. how long are these guys on this part? i'm bored. -mairin
  8. they are boring. 
  9. seriously? a muppet ad?
  10. juan pablo talks more freely with m&m's and muppets.
  11. looots of makeovers on this. 
  12. that damn dog. 
  13. love renee.
  14. she looks like a million. 
  15. dog owner looks just like her animal. 
  16. no man can rock a harem pant. - jess m
  17. andi is wanting to vomit ofver all of this. 
  18. i want sharleen to apologize for being such an ugly kisser.
  19. ok, so our opera star erin morely said this chick has some regional opera stuff but nothing too special but she's covering at the met so she's getting better dates...
  20. christine needs to avoid the blonde... she looks like an avatar. 
  21. cassandra needs to tone down that makeup. she's so pretty she doesn't need eye and lip salad. 
  22. orchid may be the color this season, but it's like jeggings.... not for everyone. 
  23. why isn't the piano girl wearing eyeliner. 
  24. go kelli! call them out!
  25. gracious of andi to stand up for him.. that's the abc pr spinning her. 
  26. somebody is being groomed to be the next bachelorette
  27. i agree with that, kelli. he did use the daughter as an excuse. 
  28. i feel bad for his daughter.-tina
  29. i'm gonna say renee's eyebrows are a little intense... and a strange shape.
  30. they're dead wrong- mairin
  31.  you guys, that dog girl has to be a russian! she's wearing the trashiest dress ever.- tina (the russian)
  32. yeah he was shady. if he was going to have a no kissing mom policy, he should have honored that across the boards. 
  33. kelli always speaks the truth. 
  34. i love that she's so passionate. - mairin. 
  35. andi looks great- abc hair and makeup team. 
  36. andi's makeup /dress is nailing it..... though the eyebrows are a little drawn. 
  37. woah! i didn't even know who victoria is. 
  38. "buyers remorse" - ouch. 
  39. sharleen's makeup is solid. 
  40. she looks gorg. 
  41. free spirit is working without a bra... and with a possible nipple out. 
  42. where is massage girl!
  43. i think chris is accusing her of bein manic. 
  44. her eyebrows are like little catepillars that rear up with they're mad at each other. 
  45. "schwedgie." shorts wedgie!- tina
  46. you sure they don't just get actors?- megan
  47. no.. they just get girls who are spectacularly imbalanced and load them up with booze.
  48. "cerebral connection"... wow. 
  49. i love that cassandra 
  50. did she say "i wish i WAS dumber?" well she should have said "i wish i WERE dummer." - mairin
  51. she just speaks in such a pretentious way. 
  52. i never heard them talk about that!- mairin.
  53. i feel like she's feigning humility in a way. 
  54. everyone else HAAATES her right now.- mairin.
  55. i don't think sharleen "gets" how to do chit-chat.- jessica
  56. how many times can chris say "connection" in one ep?
  57. can we please talk about the fact that renee is engaged?! 
  58. she's lost weight since that first night. 
  59. isn't it heartbreaking when they get so excited?!
  60. this color is gorgeous on andi.
  61. it feels like she's been coached by abc but she is pretty honest, thank goodness.
  62. i'll say it again.. i wish she would have talked about this with him in the fantasy suite.
  63. she's had 3 months to stew about it. -jess m
  64. no one here thinks juan pablo is engaged.
  65. is he cross eyed?- tina
  66. he looks weary.
  67. and like he's wearing pink lipstick. 
  68. that lady's stank agreeing face was awesome. 
  69. cassandra looks like a vampire.
  70. "eeees ok."
  71. he's so defensive already.- jess m
  72. i didn't CAME to this show...
  73. english!
  74. oooh editing. that would have been helpful to know. 
  75. i like the ben respect. 
  76.  i'm with juan pablo on this. 
  77. homegirl didn't even leave her dog. 
  78. ooooh lauren. you gave up ONE night before you got the boot!
  79. he's like, who are you? - melissa
  80. if he likes them more, he likes them more!- mairin
  81.  that was a good use of "it's ok."
  82. he knows that, andi. 
  83. i think it's funny when people try to pretend that the bachelor is something other than what it is.- melissa
  84. lucy! like she cares. at all. - mairin.
  85. girlfriend, first put a bra on. - tina
  86. but how is that possible! (to have personal relationships with all of the women)- megan 
  87. oh here we go with the dog lover! 
  88. just go crazy, victoria!!- jess m
  89. good for sharleen for standing up for him. 
  90. i think SHE'S booking on the bachelorette- sarah
  91. these interview bloopers are great.
  92. #littlepackage
  93. clare is the WORST!!! "i love that you say it's ok."
  94. seriously that dog is identical. - jess m
  95. cute buns!- jess H
  96. i'm sad that the massage therapist didn't return. 
  97. i really don't think he'll get engaged. 
  98. poor kelli. she's just hunched over petting her dog- melissa
  99. you guys... pop quiz.... HOW DIFFERENT ARE THE WOMEN?
  100. looks pretty split. 
  101. oooh mama is dishing dirt!- jess m
  102. both girls would kill you in your sleep.
  103. audience interviews are amazing!!!!
  104. yeah, i think he's pulling a womack. 
  105. this is like an snl skit!-megan
  106. that was those people's 5 seconds of fame and every single one of them blew it- melissa
oooooh what do you think is going to happen?!
next week is going to be amazing!!!

a style guide for men "getting back in the game"

photo j crew

at this dating stage in my life, i'm finding that i'm dating men in their 30's and 40's. generally, these are the men who never thought they'd ever be dating again, but due to divorce or death, they're forced to get back in the saddle. 

dating after a multi-year hiatus is a new and scary territory. dynamics and communication have changed dramatically and so has the fashion....

now, it is my staunch opinion that MOST (not all) men stop their fashion evolution when they get married. what worked in 1999 still works, right?!

suddenly, they're thrust back into the dating shark tank and they are reverting back to their fashion comfort zones while we have evolved quite dramatically....since these men are going to great efforts to spruce things up, let's just guide them in the right direction... no matter what their personal style may be...

after dating THE DUTCH (who had impeccable classic style), i learned that there are really some basic male fashion rules and most women appreciate a man who just looks good in the basics. 

to ease this transition, i've put together a list of male fashion don'ts.... feel free to forward this onto your newly single friends so i don't have to make them over....

please avoid:

  1. frosted tips.
  2. clothes that don't FIT you. are you REALLY an XL? maybe you're an M and in the 90's we wore things big... just looks like you lost weight and haven't invested in a new wardrobe....
  3. puka shell necklaces- male jewelry of any kind is DICEY... beware. 
  4. hair color of any kind-it looks desperate and grey is sexy. 
  5. anything with a giant logo. 
  6. braided belts.
  7. doc martins from the 90's.
  8. short sleeved button down white dress shirts (you're not on a mission in thailand anymore).
  9. wide legged pants.
  10. carpenter jeans/shorts.
  11. anything with the words, TRUE AFFLICTION, ED HARDY, ABERCROMBIE & FITCH, or OBEY on it. 
  12. any T shirts that have a scripty big font, rhinestones, or the fleur de lis.
  13. jeans with any of the following anywhere: wide white stitching, flourishes on the back pockets, rhinestones, frayed hems, whiskering, whitewashed thighs. 
  14. wide brimmed hats (they are you 22? do you work for vivant?) 
  15. oakley wrap around sunglasses.
  16. sculpted facial hair. 
  17. flavor savors, soul patches, you name it.... 
  18. earrings. 
  19. overly groomed eyebrows. 
  20. hair that requires a flat iron or a whole lot of spiking. 
  21. sports team jerseys (wear it to your pick up game! not a date). 
  22. plastic shoes of any kind... pleather, crocs. 
  23. pleated dress pants. 
  24. wide-cut suits. 
  25. cartoon ties- just because it's silk, it doesn't mean it's "dressy."
  26. button down shirts with loud prints (are you "cam" from MODERN FAMILY?) or embellishment. 
  27. leather jackets with too much going on. 
  28. aggressive cologne.... if you want a list, i'll give you one.... 
  29. tank tops. ever. 
  30. cut off shorts. 
honestly, men's fashion is really quite simple. stick with the classics! james dean. still looks cool. 

invest in:
  1. T- shirts and button down shirts (without embellishment) that flatter your skin tone... blue, green, brown, white, black, grey... great! be careful with pink, red, orange, yellow. 
  2. a great pair of well fitting darker washed jeans - i really like AG. 
  3. a nicely tailored suit. 
  4. a few really lovely and SIMPLE ties. 
  5. a hoodie without a brand on the front or back. 
  6. well fitting chinos without pleats.
  7. a great leather belt in black and brown. 
  8. a great pair of casual leather shoes/tennis shoes.
  9. simple sunglasses- rayban wayfarers look amazing in most men. 
  10. a great classic hair cut that flatters and is low maintenance. 
  11. a great coat. basic. a trench is ALWAYS sexy but if that is too much of a fashion risk, just stick with ONE color coats with classic stitching.
  12. a good sunscreen. 
  13. a nice watch. it doesn't have to break the bank. white faces are always classic and modern. 
  14. socks. (maybe play with a fun color)
  15. a classic pair of boots- frye and SHABBIES (amsterdam) are fantastic and they last forever. 
ladies, did i leave anything out?

now... before you attack me for being a snob, i'm honestly just trying to help. none (well... maybe the ed hardy) of these are total deal breaking offenses.... lets be honest, i kissed a flavor savor for MONTHS before my darling graciously shaved that off for me (what a happy day that was to see his handsome chin)! but isn't it just easier to have a few basic guidelines? keep it simple. 

now let's go out!

hey, big spender!

spend a little time with me, UTAH!

 to play "helene" in SWEET CHARITY.

(always the whore...)

i'll happily be torturing my family in april and may so, you know....
good tiiiiiiiiime!

the other women (can't tell you who just yet..) are sick, sick, sick, sick, broadway star dancers.... and i'm a singer.... so i'm getting my booty back into dance class. can't someone just pay me to park and bark!?

get your tickets now!


{ giveaway } IPL facial at NIMA

 this summer, i popped into NIMA institute for an awesome mani/pedi, skin consultation, and vitamin C chemical peel. i was so impressed. while all the services are performed by students, they are observed by master aestheticians. it was a gorgeous space and felt like a total spa escape. also, they took pics of me as if i was an actual celebrity / fashion blogger.. which was hilarious and really fun at the same time. i'm the biggest spaz.

two days ago, i returned for an IPL photo facial.
now, darlings, this is the grandaddy of facials for me. my mom turned me onto it... this is a woman who hasn't had anything "done" (no fillers, no tighteners, no nothing) except the IPL facial and her skin is FLAWLESS.

i've had to go on birth control over the last few years to correct a hormone imbalance... sadly, i'm not experiencing any of the BENEFITS of birth control (noooo sex in this city).... only weight gain, cramps, occasional acne (i know... annoying to admit i never had to deal with that before) and (woof) melasma -also known as the pregnancy mask....

the IPL facial is fantastic for tightening pores, boosting collagen, erasing spider veins and brown spots. while it hasn't completely gotten rid of the melasma (they gals at NIMA gave me a great pigment corrector and i'll let you know how that goes), it certainly helps and gets rid of all the damage i did this summer.

the facial really doesn't hurt much. the laser just zaps all over the skin (this laser hurt MUUUCH less than at previous location) and feels less painful than a rubber band snap. then a few days later, all the impurities come to the surface of your skin- it looks like lots of freckles or little coffee grounds. as the skin heals, the impurities just slough off. no big deal. no redness. no pain. no flaking skin. you can throw on makeup and go right out after the treatment. it's a breeze.

i have done IPL twice at other fab SLC medical spas and had GREAT results, but this girl is on a budget! who can afford it?!
NIMA to the rescue!
you can get a FULL day of treatments for less than ONE treatment at a non-teaching spa.
this would be so great for bachelorette nights or just a GNO.

 here i am facing the truth.

just getting a pedicure, the usual....

you guys, i'm such a chic fashion blogger in my target shoes. 

our incredible friends at NIMA are offering my FAVORITE treatment, the IPL photo facial to one lucky MiM reader! yeow! 

let's all make our skin gorgeous before we ruin it again in the summer! 

so ... go ahead and enter with this fancy giveaway thingy.... that way you know i'm not just gifting this to my dear friends....

i don't quite understand it, but it'll pick a winner for me and there are a bunch of different ways to enter and opportunities to enter more than once...
you guys, cut me some slack. i feel like a new blogger again!
i JUST learned what BLOGLOVIN is... don't worry, i'm claiming my blog today. yikes. i'm a nightmare. 

{ the bachelor- juan pablo } " it's ok "

for those of you who take the bachelor seriously, this is not the review for you. we who understand tv, understand that these are edited "real" characters and anyone who believes that this "journey" is real, is just as delusional as juan pablo. 
most of these comments are a composite of a group of random people from all different belief systems and life experiences watching the episodes. a lot is exaggerated for a good laugh and it is worth it.  it is rare when i watch by myself. i understand and take responsibility for their comments and mine. they're all in good fun and in a spirit of analyzing male/female dynamics, fashion, and dating rituals. 
 if you disagree, plead your case. i love a good discussion with valid, considerate, points. 
like i've said a million times over, if you do not like me or the bachelor recaps, don't read this blog or those posts. keep it moving. write your own blog or go write on one of those neat hate forums. they really are whole, not-bitter, lovely spirits over there who will welcome you gladly. why take time in your life to be nasty? besitos. 

"it's ok."

  1. what is happening with that darted attempt at a havana shirt?
  2. are those pouffed sleeves?
  3. st. lucia is gorg. 
  4. you guys, maybe the secret to love connections is practicing your faces in the mirror, clare style. 
  5. which parts of the huts are "absolutely gorgeous?" sweet editing. 
  6. honestly, i need to practice my pouty face. 
  7. i like that she's "playing" hard to get. good tactic clare-bear.
  8. you know she was a bit disappointed to cruise around in that little skipper-she's really blossomed now that a yacht is in the picture. 
  9. nice up the butt shot.... yeow.
  10. she has her wedding nails on. 
  11. ok... this is a good time to talk about poor clare's sister. what was happening there? i was wondering if her mom speaks english.. or at all....that was very telling that the sister needed to call her out on attempting to manipulate her mother.... 
  12. notice the leg to foot color change. 
  13. hell, if i was on this show, i'd have spray tan/leg makeup as well. 
  14. those are some teeeeny bottoms, sis. 
  15. these two are SEX-u-AL. 
  16. clare is strategically in white.... 
  17. that dress is all wrong. she has the hottest bod and this isn't doing it for her. 
  18. asking for compliments= not sexy. 
  19. also, if we have a halter neckline, no necklace required. 
  20. she's basically changing her tune so he has to beg for it. 
  21. there is a lot to be learned from clare's manipulations. she's masterful. 
  22.  his hair is a mess.
  23. pouty faces with frozen foreheads. 
  24. baby voices and duck lips. 
  25. he is falling for this hook, line, and sinker. 
  26. men REALLY are that dumb. 
  27. he's just sweating. sexy.
  28. i like this cooler color on him. 
  29. i have been going about this all wrong. from here on out, i am practicing baby voices, manipulation, and sex faces. namaste. 
  30. we all know what happens in the water with these two. 
  31. ooooh you know how i feel about men in tank tops. 
  32. did he just wave like the Queen?
  33. i just like andi. 
  34. whyyyy does he always tiptoe with shoulders up and do caveman fist arms when he greets the girls?
  35. that dress... great color, cute back, not flattering. you just can't get away with tenty things. she has such a gorg body. 
  36. he speaks about her as if she's a cousin. 
  37. see? his arms are gorgeous but that TANK TOP!
  38. he's really cute with those kids. 
  39. any excuse to take his shirt off!
  40. i think andi's dad handled it perfectly. he gave an appropriately normal response. 
  41. dang it. that american apparel suit is dicey. her bod is slammin but it gives weird unflattering back fat lines...but man! those boobs are perky!
  42. are you worried for her watch in the waterfall? i am. 
  43. this DTR talk is boring. 
  44. she's darling. 
  45. that wave hair is dramatic. 
  46. what is his forearm tat?
  47. these poor  people! why can't they just be in air conditioning. 
  48. i'm so bored.
  49. but i like that they re setting her up to be so happy... what is going to happen!
  50. nothing says a sex bed like mosquito nets. 
  51. that is sooo pretty. 
  52. wow! he seems so happy. 
  53. woooooah. what happened... and that dress doesn't fit her. 
  54. oh no. this is  so good! what happened?! how could they have both felt so differently?!
  55. go girl. 
  56. this is the andi that i wish we would have seen on that photoshoot date. 
  57. i wanted her to stand up that point... and now she's doing it. good girl. 
  58. oooh i wish she had a bra on. 
  59. these ponder shots are pretty.
  60. those girls are too big not to be reined in. 
  61. this is SOOO different from the night before. he must have been a nightmare. 
  62. she seems so resolute. 
  63. she has a great profile. 
  64. jessica makes a great point.... she seems so authentic in this moment. 
  65. woah. so he has no idea! wow. 
  66. oh good. another tank top. 
  67. "i got to see clare in a bikini all day" ... and there you have it. 
  68. horseback riding in a bikini...
  69. you know her nipple is going to pop out- jess
  70. based on "honesty," huh?
  71. i'm totally nervous about her nips. 
  72. and that mic is just pulling it all down. 
  73. great smile pride, jp. 
  74. i know i'm hard on nikki's look but she was darling in her hometown date. great outfit choice. 
  75. i still would love a better hair color on her.... and no nubbin ring. 
  76. her family was very sweet. 
  77. he is so sunburned from 3 days of shooting. is there a skin cancer workmans comp clause? 
  78. she has a beautiful body. 
  79. dang that dress is wrong. 
  80. all these chicks are missing the mark 
  81. waaaait.. i thought he doesn't drink. 
  82. i sort of feel bummed out for nikki. he's so totally focused on clare. 
  83. i want the ball to drop for him about andi. 
  84. is he seriously wearing that pajama outfit to a rose ceremony? 
  85. so harrison has eyelash extensions now? and jp has pink lipgloss? 
  86. what is becoming of those boys?!
  87. yes, chris! go for the translation. 
  88. "mistressled." let's bring that back!
  89. aye! the personal videos always break my heart. 
  90. say it again..."i don know what i'm gonna do."
  91. rehearsed in the mirror with those head shakes. 
  92. she reminds me of a "my little pony." -jess
  93. drop the ball, andi!
  94. she looks like a million! look at that lighting. 
  95. finally! andi with a backbone!
  96. hot /bridal outfit andi. 
  97. man, her legs are gorgeous!
  98. woah, he's so dismissive. 
  99. there is no fight for this. 
  100. is this covering his pride?
  101. yes, andi. go for it. 
  102. when in doubt, blame your english. 
  103. litigate him, girl. 
  104. "barely" made it here. ouch!
  105. he just doesn't get it. 
  106. dang it. i liked him. 
  107. ugh. 
  108. and he doesn't know that about the other women either. 
  109. yes. catholic. 
  110. nalied him. 
  111. yes! passive aggressive. good. you and clare are perfect for each other. 
  112. yeah, well, why didn't she bring this up?
  113. that is actually a good point... she could have brought it up at that time as well.... 
  114. they're not a match. 
  115. i kind of understand the language translation issue... my dutch and i had a few translation issues. and it really hurt my feelings....but it wasn't intentional. 
  116. i think this dude just really isn't as into her. 
  117. woooooah. "maybe a little bit." oh my goodness. that is so unfeeling. 
  118. wait, what? she just did that and you're not crushed?
  119. oh what an ego!
  120. wow. he's revealing himself too much in this interview......
  121. yeow. 
  122. well she had better be the next bachelorette. 
  123. thank you! "there is a huge difference between being sincere and honest and offensive."
  124. oh andi. you are awesome. 
  125. of course you were shocked. you're an ego maniac. 
  126. i want a t-shirt that says "it's ok."
  127. you know clare is just dying of heat in that thick bandage dress. good thing it's stripper short. 
  128. the more "done up" these girls look, the older they look....
  129. c looks like an 80's barbie doll. - jess
  130. they must have brought in a makeup artist... these girls are looking much more polished. 
  131. hmmm. that's not all the truth, jp. 
  132. well, good... these two can have a showdown. 
  133. for all of clare's craziness, her blonde tint is right on for her skin. 
  134. he just gave her a back rub hug. like a pal. 
  135. are you guys kind of bummed out by these final two? 
  136. clare has boob sweat. case in point. 
  137. "she and i" not "her and i."
  138. i honestly don't trust either of these girls. 
  139. she has sweat dripping down her back. 
  140. women tell all is going to be a MESS!!
  141. i'm stoked about it. 
  142. "waiting to be done?' did she sex him?
  143. wow. i can't wait. 
  144. i don't really care who he ends up with, honestly. andi and renee were the only two women who felt substantial. 
what are you thinking?