fo rizzle.

i've been BETTY RIZZO in GREASE for the last three performances...... maybe more, we'll see...

I've lost count of how many performances i've done.....note the fancy dressing rooms. 
broadway is so glamorous. 

my hair's a little wild in this one 

don't envy me. the bra is steel tipped, i'm sure. seriously, i gore kenickie every time we get that nice roll behind the bleachers. 
saldivar is a lovely kisser.
 i have a hard job. 


Nerak said...

Hey lady! I still have seeing you as Rizzo on my list, since I basically LOVE the show (and you of course). Nice work!! Great pants. Great blog! (P.s. It's Karen.)

Kate said...

Love it! :)

King Family said...

Seth says "nice rack!!!" Seriously-you look fab.