i know who i am now

this blog is about dating mishaps (and i have many) and triumphs (fewer) 
and all things manhattan. 
i will change the names to protect the bachelors so please, if you know who i'm talking about, please keep it to yourself. i will. this world is small and hurt feelings are to be avoided....... these stories and insights (which i have been begged to share time and time again) needed a cyber home and i needed a place to stream them together....... and possibly write a treatment for a sit-com?
 we'll see.... thanks for reading. 

pictured : moi and stella playing in our first (and not the last, i swear) visit to south hampton

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Rae said...

Your puppy is so cute. I want to meet her!
Sooo, at the risk of looking like a super crazy person....I'll admit I read your whole blog today at work. (I sit at a desk all day...some days are ridiculously busy, other days, ridiculously slow, hence, blogging.)
Hope I don't look like a stalker for all the comments I'm about to leave!