italian stallion

i may or may not have dated a delicious mafia man who wasn't so keen on my decision to abstain from sex....... 

guido: "YOU CAN'T PUT A STALLION IN A CORNAH!!! (isn't it "baby in a corner"? and why are you ALWAYS yelling!!? ) I'M A THOROUGHBRED!! LOOK AT ME! YOU CAN'T PUT A THOROUGHBRED IN A ROOM! I NEED TO RUN FREE!!!!!

so i let the man from snowy river run free....but the story remains. how could it not?

 word for word. 


petersons said...

That was a fabulous lil story. I laughed so hard!

Lisa said...

this man is ridiculous. wait, is it sylvester stallone? no, no. Let me guess, Tony Danza? who the hell says that?? I'm floored.

mnk ♥ said...

good lord. you poor soul.

...at least you've got someone to weigh the decent ones against, right??