ladies who lunch

Nicole's polas of my favorite treat

*creamier than pinkberry and red mango and much more tart and satisfying*

BFF Worthie and i have weekly BLOOMIE'S fro yo gatherings. we usually sit @ 40 carrots  and lunch, gossip, encourage and download but Stellie doesn't like to hide in her bag lately, and we're FRAZZLED by the UES ladies with big a$$ rocks who are hostile. seriously? you're getting yogurt! this should be your happiest moment of the day!!! 
anyway, lately, we've found solace on the steps right next to bedding. it's quiet, stellie nugget can come out of her bag, and we're in peace. 

we realized S really likes yogurt-look above, she's already reaching for it...

she's such a fat girl, note the wild pms'ish look in her eyes!

entire head in. sticky puppy


petersons said...

Please bless you tell me what a "UES" lady is??

Natalie* said...

UES means Upper East Side---which is a hoity toity neighborhood in nyc..the women are kept and CRABBY! always being particular and generally yelling at employees and patrons alike. they re skinny, loud, label wearing , giant rock toting meanies and are to be avoided at all costs!

Rae said...

I've been dying to try this froyo. A group of girls from the ward had planned to go last week but things fell through. I need to make it up there!