march firtyfurst

it's my little sister , little sussy Nicole's 23 rd birthday today! 

sorry the quality of this pic is terrible (can't figure out how to work the scanner -that's what boyfriends are for) and i promise it's the last time you'll see me topless......

and since nicole won't return my phone call, i'll tell you why i love her:

1. nicole is clever
2. nicole is funny
3. nicole is not very excitable but when she's excited, it's infectious
4. nicole is good at everything
5. nicole is skinnier than me
6. nicole is smart
7. nicole has an eye for everything
8. nicole sees beauty in details
9. nicole is passionate
10. nicole is fair
11. nicole always takes my headshots even when she doesn't want to and still mocks me anyway. 
12. nicole is a chef. i like to eat what she makes.
13. nicole is a good teacher
14. nicole is artistic
15. nicole loves details
16. nicole is mellow
17. nicole is opinionated
18. nicole is lovely
19. nicole is simple
20. nicole is my little sister and even though i put soap in her eyes, beat her up, call and give her a pice of my mind, eat her food, abuse her talents and time, she still loves me and i love her. .......even if she doesn't call me back....

happy birthday coe!


nicole hill said...

Thanks for that lil tribute nat -and I might never call you back if you don't get that fat naked (the green dress) pic off!

Ninja Scott said...

Don't worry about your boobies in that topless photo, they haven't changed much. :P

Natalie* said...

i think you look skinny! and you're dancing! it's cool!

Neil said...

Happy Birthday, Coe......Natalie, I remember both of you when you were those two little girls.....sweet. I love it that Scott is reading your blog!! Auntie Vicki

Lisa said...

so cute!! Nat, you look SO mischievous in that photo.

Andrea said...

Ha-ha! You're back...love the little girls in that picture! Brings back fun memories! I'm so glad you love your little sister now...there was a time...;)