pay for dessert!

while on a lovely date with a gorgeous model/actor (aren't they ALL?!), we shared a $9 pizza (cause it was post show) then went for dessert. HE paid for pizza (after i politely reached for the wallet, opened it, and PULLED OUT A CREDIT CARD!----- i should never have gotten to step 3) 

later, once pay time came for magnolia cupcakes, he literally gave me the:

model/actor: "i got dinner, you get dessert"

really? REALLY?! 

i KNOW you probably don't make a whole lot of money, but if YOU ask me out,  YOU are obligated to PAY!! 

and seriously, dinner/dessert grand total of $15  and a whole lifetime of subsequent disrespect. 

anybody know a man who will pay for all courses?



Lola said...

OY! That makes me NOT miss dating at all!! Especially those actor/pretty boy types...cheap!

A and L said...

What an idiot! I can't believe he couldn't handle both courses of the meal.

The best part is, he probably thought he was cool enough to pull this off and get another date out of it.

Jennifer Latimer said...

I am so glad that someone else feels that if a guy asks you out they should pay. If I hear..."it's the 21st century" one more time I swear....My favorite story is this....
One time I went out with this guy(we'll name him Paul) He asked me out for lunch, because he had just gotten a gift certificate from Happy Sumo and wanted to use it.
I, loving Sushi, was happy to oblige.
After eating our meal the waitress came out and gave us our check. WHILE the waitress was still there Paul said, "Well....my gift certificate is for $15 dollars, so its perfect. The meal comes to $30 so I'll get fifteen and you can get $15." My fifteen of course being the part NOT covered by the gift certificate. As the waitress awkwardly looked on I broke the news that I had not brought along my wallet (silly me) and he stated, "Oh....well...thats okay, you can write me a check later."

Lanne said...

I felt I should comment (loving your blog).. but..(and I know he asked you out).. but really... you couldn't pay? I have ALWAYS paid for myself. first date, last date, middle dates and the years in between.. Just as they should be thrilled to spend time with me.. i should be thrilled i spent time with them. if your not into the guy.. OK but if it is about who paid for a cupcake.. then life is going to be kinda disappointing alot!

Natalie* said...


thanks for your comment, that's what this is all about.

girl, TRUST ME, i've been urban dating for A LONG TIME. i've paid for first , second, last dates and EVERYTHING in between.... while i think it's important to go dutch when you're IN a relationship (he's not your dad) i think it shows a great deal of respect for a man (who asks you out) to pay for the date in it's entirety... whether that be $2 or $300. i think women like you and me have enabled men to be lazy and not treat women with respect. while i feel men and women are equal in EVERY way, i do think that chivalrous respect and consideration has been lost. i'm finding that men who pay for dates treat you better as a whole. they're GENERALLY more considerate and thoughtful. i have since been treated beautifully by men who know how to take care of a woman (as i know how to take care of a man) which is why the cupcake episode was a deal breaker. ... don't think i was too disappointed by the cupcake. while you can foot the bill, i want a man who will pay for dessert (at least the first time)

Rae said...

Natalie, I couldn't agree more with your feelings. 2008 or not, there are still rules by which we're expected to abide, guys need to as well.

foobella said...

Natalie. I am with you there. Read "Act Like a lady, Think Like a Man" by Steve Harvey and you will understand why a woman shouldn't pay on a date. Ever.