tie me up.

while waiting in the boarding area of jetblue  (enroute from slc-nyc on the vicious red-eye), i saw a heath ledger (RIP) look alike (this was pre-heath's death). his head was hunched over in a phone booth with a slivery straw-like tool. i suspiciously watched his actions. was it heath? no. what is he doing????
i'm a ny'er. i know things. he was OBVIOUSLY snorting cocaine. that was clear. i watched him with curiosity and once we stood in line to board, he queued  right behind me. he started chatting me up (that's what happens when you have a puppy nugget) and the next thing i knew, he was sitting next to me.. a coke head sitting next to me and my child! how exciting and dangerous at the same time.   he pulled out his coke case, opened it up on the tray table and pulled out various tools. curious, i thought...... then he told me the awful truth, we was tying flies for flyfishing. we later spent several days hanging in the city as he taught me the way of the fisherman. and left me with a tie to remember him.

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Neil said...

Now there is a real man.....I bet he would pay for the whole dinner...including dessert!! Snag him with the nearest pole....Auntie V.