are you going to san francisco?

sussy, mim, bil, and molly schlepped the goods to san francisco.
during our exodus, we stopped in the most lavish of locales.

wt love in wendover

only thing worse than being single....
being single in wendover.

pit stops in :

and a sleepover in:

mom's home town!
home of the wooster colts!!

by happenstance, we stayed at the former MGM grand....
where, coincidentally, mom and dad spent a small part of their honeymoon (gross)
and another famous smith/gale family story was born (more on that later).

a luxurious brunch @ the atlantis

where we had fried cuisine from around the world.
my fortune:

you will soon be singled out for a promotion. congrats!

(yeah! right!! a promotion to being crippled!!)

nicole's creepy fortune:

soon, a visitor shall delight you.


we were most thrilled by the soft serve ice cream.

you know you're a fat american when you leave dents in the buffet seat upon exiting.

when in rome.....

pay the penny slots (i won a whopping $3.10!!) on the breezeway out of town.

i'm a classy classy lady.


Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Please tell me you used your travel bottle of Hand Sanitizer!!

The New Black said...

Poor girl...I know that drive oh too well. It just doesn't get any better than Winnemucca, does it!! :)

naomi megan. said...

looks like fun. i love me some road trips. and your hair looks fabulous!