few women

are as fantastic as my dear, love-you-long-time, brooke.
brooke is the most clever, brilliant, beautiful, witty, caring, interesting, funny, woman of substance who has ever crossed my path.

i share nix's sentiment when she said,
"b will always be one of my top 5 favorite people......

even if she does something to demote herself (which is highly unlikely..),
i still won't move her from the top 5.
that's how much i love her."

i agree.
what serendipity to be in good ole SLC to commemorate the day of her blessed birth.

a random smattering of east coast women who happen to be in SLC surrounding the bday queen.

and how appropriate that we'd brunch at
eggs in the city.


happy birthday, b-dawg!!


Emily said...

I love brooke and i love you and i love that a few other friends were at the brunch for her bday! yay!

Anne said...

Oh, how I love the chile verde smothered breakfast burritos at Eggs in the City. You lucky duck!

Josh and Kandice said...

I'll have to try Eggs in the City. You're hair is super cute, btw! I hope you have a great time here in Utah with your fam. Wish I could have stayed at your place in NYC!

The Millet's said...

you should try red mango if you havent ever before, there's one in orem on university pkwy near best buy.. its delish. a twist with some very fun delights on it. yum yum

Heather said...

i love bc, and miss her like crazy! so fun you all were there to celebratet her bday! wish i could be in slc when fun things like that happen!

ps... loving your new sassy cut!

LW said...

After being a fan of the blog, it was so fun to meet you in person! Hope you had a great time in SLC.

Randi said...

Love Eggs in the City. I just discovered it last year, Yummy!