graduation party

found via marta

by far, the most heartbreaking part of graduating from Rydell is
missing my fellow classmates.

i am blessed to know them and hope our friendships last longer
than our 18 month show.

... and hopefully,
we'll all look a little more rested than we do in these pictures :)

pretty friends

my main man at the brooks, tommy

his main squeeze and my good friend, janice

my twin puerto rican brother, xavier

party girls

please look at susan's face over my shoulder

dan dan double fisting

yum. a saldi-squeeze.

glo-worm is a very busy busy man.

party boys

quite possibly the tamest a/chris pic i've ever seen at a party

my pretty leading ladies with the puerto rican.

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Carla said...

great pics! I love reading your blog and this is the second (maybe third) time I've commented. Susan's expression is seriously funny. Sad. And you could seriously be twins with that guy (if he plucked his eyebrows).