hey, baba!!!


Brandon and Erica said...

Okay...I know I am not the first, which gives me a little bit more comfort in knowing that possibly, just :possibly: I am not a weird blog-lurker. BUT...I love your blog! And, now is the chance for me to just come out and say it, because...well, I hear you are in UT and that you might be doing Firesides.

Last night, around the table with all of the other YW Presidency, I announced that I knew the PERFECT person to speak at our New Beginnings coming up on February 11th. After I, too, confessed to them that I am a blog-lurker...after I showed them your blog and how brilliantly perfect you would be for our YW...they prodded me to get onto your blog and De-Lurk!

So...without further adeiu...are you willing/able to be a keynote speaker for a group of teenage girls, to help them recognize what the "New Beginnings" really means? (Because, let's be honest: I don't even know).

The day is February 11th...it's a Wednesday...and if that doesn't work, and if you're willing...we can do whatever day works for you. Do I need to talk to your agent? Do we need to pay you in chocolate and cookies? Please tell us the secret to getting an appointment with the famous, Natalie Hill.

Thank you!

you can email me at:


weston said...
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weston said...
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naomi megan. said...

thanks for your sweet words earlier today. you are so wise, lady. and i love you.

got your other voicemail too. will call you back later...

have a wonderful weekend over there in utah.