i {heart} the bachelor


dear me!!
i'm finally catching up on my vital tv homework now that i'm "laid up."
not sure i can express in words how much i'm OBSESSED with this season of "the bachelor."...
also can't express how sick i am that i didn't apply for this season so daddy and i could live happily ever after in seattle.
jase, you really scored points by ousting that hot mess, natalie
(ugh. i can't believe we share the same name!).
but smooching EVERYONE @ the rose ceremony? really?

but let's talk about the ladies.....

mommy (pictured above)
ok. so she's clearly been to the paula abdul school of over-accessorizing, but i can't hold that against her.
i love love love her.
she truly seems like the first truly honest, kind, and mature woman in bach history.
how refreshing.
and to see her with sofia?!
she's so dear.

miss canada
this gal "gets" the game.
she's the only one who creates fun experiences and doesn't make him DTR 24/7.
plus, she's incredibly talented.
me likey.

and now,
my favorite of all of the train wrecks......

potty mouth "role model"
seriously? role model for who??
sister, just keep your trap shut.


i LOVE her.
seems emotionally unstable to a spectacular degree....
did anybody notice that she's pretty much spot on "lenora" from CRY BABY?
(if you don't know who that is, check out my friend alli as "lenora." comic genius)

oooh also hot mess anne hatheway. she's GREAT.
(too loritab-ed to find the pic... but you know who i mean, right?)



moana said...

I'll get straight to the point and then explain that you don't know me later.

The point: we are looking for a keynote and/or workshop speaker(s) for a large youth conference in San Jose, California. April 25th. Any interest?

As for me: mom of 5 girls, yw pres, and stalker.

I'll explain later why I think you would be outstanding.

chelsea said...

I am ashamed to say I've been watching this. It's such good candy on a Monday night. The stalker girl is scary but she's kind of grown on me. I can't handle the mom... her story is sad, she seems nice, but her story has been played up so many times it makes me gag. Plus, I just can't handle her jewelry. :)

miss sarah darling said...

i grew up with alli. we did school plays together :) one year we did the wiz. she was dorothy. i was the scarecrow. and we eased on down the road together. our tin man is also a broadway baby now. how funny is that? :) we were like 10 :)

Carlee Hoopes said...

Oh I'm totally obsessed too! Mostly this season though because I really like Jason. I can't stand Shannon and Megan. Why is he keeping them around? Ugh. Shannon has no upper lip and her teeth glow. It's disturbing. About Stephanie (Mommy)...I really like her. However, I don't think she's for him. She talks too slow and looks a little too old. I don't think she's in for the adventure he's looking for either. I doubt he chooses her. How do you feel about Melissa? I kind of think he'll choose her in the end actually. I think I like her but I have to decide on that still. I get annoyed that like half the women told him they aspire to be teachers. Like, they just said that so he thinks they love kids. Lame. I really like Jillian though and I would love for him to choose her in the end.

Do you read Chris Harrison's blog? He writes every Tuesday and shares behind the scenes info. Like, did you know that Jason gave Natalie a necklace with a real diamond on it when they took the $1M set off, so she would still feel special? Anyway, she was so mad she just left it in the taxi.

j. said...

what about the former dallas cowboy's cheerleader? she isn't hathaway, is she?

i am liking canada the best, i think.

ps..we don't know eachother, but i figure it's cool for a lurker to speak out every now & then, yes?

pps..get well soon!! SO scary! sending well wishes your way.

B and C said...

I did a near-identical post on Tuesday. I forgot to post about the mama, but I definitely had some thoughts about Melissa, Shannon, Jillian, and Megan. Anyway, I'm happy that I'm not the only one who is a Bachelor addict.

ps- Yes, I'm a blog lurker... and I love your blog

Design Gal said...

Lol- I totally agree! Although don't you think "mommy's" eyebrows are a little freaky? They look okay in this picture but on the show they're too drawn on.

maybe i'm just an eyebrow freak...

Lindsey said...

Couldn't agree more. Megan needs to go and fast, she is just bad news. And the stalker crier is oh so fabulous for the drama of it all! Hope your toe feels better soon!

Reggs said...

Hi! You don't know me either, but i JUST did a blog post almost identical to this one. Natalie turned into a super freak as soon as she got dumped!!
I guess Jason just wasn't into her bear addiction.

Audra said...

Nat- I love that you are blogging about the Bach. I am also minorly obsessed. I LOVE Jillian because it seems like she isn't trying so hard because she's confidant in who she is.
And Mommy is sweet but what was up with that whole, "and this kiss is for today and now I'll kiss you here for doing that and blah blah"
Sorry about your foot! Ouch!

♥ cheri said...

ooh, addicting show indeed! The mommy seems too old, but yes, sincere. I like Molly! Can't stand Shannon and Megan.

Krista said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! I've loved "stalking" your blog for awhile. But, I was your sister Kara's sociology TA and my dad knows yours from his early law practice days... so I like to justify that I'm not that much of a stalker...

Anyway, thanks for keeping such a lovely blog! Hope you have a steady recovery and you'll be back to dancing (and Broadway, if you choose!) soon. Don't know about you, but I'm going gaga over Guys and Dolls. I hope it stays on Broadway long enough that I can actually get out there and see it!! This economy is so rough!!!

A and L said...

You should have applied. You would be the bomb.

Mommy is SERIOUSLY your favorite? We need to have a talk.

Jacob ben Widmar said...

Natalie! I am so sorry about the shower door! Are you here or in Utah? I am thinking you are back in Utah- if not I will come visit you

And I think the ANne Hathaway one you are speaking of is the one who I think looks more Sandra Bullock- not Sandra Bullock in "The Net" but more Sandra in "Miss Congeniality".

paula said...

I am with you...I love momma but I doubt he will choose her in the end. I'm betting on Miss Canada. Although, if you've seen any previews for future episodes, it looks like Deanna is going to be coming back into the picture at some point.....I WONDER??????

Your blog ROCKS!

jlc said...

I heart the bachelor!!

Oh wait, I said that and so didn't even realize it was your title. ;)

Cute blog!! I'm personally rootin' for the girl from Jersey. Go figure!

Dale Kemp said...

Not that I would ever want to watch that show but I enjoyed reading your review of the cast. ;-)

Diva said...

I absolutly love this season. Jason is amazing! I love the Mommy as well..however I dont think he will choose her in the end. The stalker you have pinned. To get sick in the bathroom? She is a piece of work. Your recap was great! Cant wait for the next episode!

Natalie* said...

first of all,

yes, moana! i'd be happy to speak for youth conference... email me and let's talk : nataliekhill@aol.com

jacob, you're right. she's more s. bullock than a. hatheway (i blame the painkillers)

all of you, i'm THRILLED we're all as obsessed!!! i can't wait for deanna (evil cow).

and yes, i'm not saying mommy is the right choice for jay, i just think she's so lovely and sweet and awkward .

Rachel G said...

HaHa, I LOVE your posts on the bachelor/bachelorette. Okay Shannon totally freaks me out. And I don't know if you watched tonight's episode yet, but what the FRUMP?! She is not cute w/out makeup, she has weird teeth, and what was with that huge frumpy robe!? Bleh.

I don't know who my favorite is....