i left my heart in san francisco

pretending i'm danny tanner from full house.
we also saw the painted ladies houses and frolicked where the tanner kids played

first stop: in n out burger

clang clang clang went the trolly!

mom had to climb the trees in washington square park

brunch at boulette's larder, treats at miette and recchuiti confections
love the ferry building!

brunch @ mama's.
soooo worth the wait.

boulevard restaurant
was delish.

insisted upon being in every picture.

so did sussy.

my favorite features from nic's new pad:
the random corsage pinned in the middle of a random wall....
and the bathroom door graffiti-ed, "banjo para mujeres y hombres"

on the water, with molly, the portugese water dog
(please, obama!!! don't get one! they'll get too popular and they won't be cool anymore!!!)


lombard street

if it looks like all we did was eat... you'd be right.


malia said...

i did too! i just got back from san fran on Thursday morning. haven't had a chance to blog about it yet! but loved it. looks like you loved it too!

stacey said...

I lived in Napa for 2+ years and I really miss SF. Such an awesome city. Did you hit up H&M and all the other fun shopping? Best way to spend a day. Well, shopping and eating.

Kass Martin said...

I want to be there right now so bad. I'm so sorry about your foot and even more sorry that I haven't seen you since the tragic accident. I have been so swamped this week and had a fantastic Zumba master class today that you would have loved and you would have loved the presenter Camilo even more. He was making every woman in the audience (of 150) want to bare his children! ;D Oh dreamy!-even for a married woman. Anyway, let's do lunch, takeout, gossip, laughing, gabbing, eating...this week.

Chelsea Belle said...

At the risk of sounding like a total creeper, I have to say- you have the most refreshing sense of adventure! I love it!

disa said...

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