last day at rydell high/my epic grease post

rizz and chach
no, i didn't wear a t-shirt to the dance.....
i don't put my dress on till after the first act starts.

air wooten

the ace-requested serious shot by patty and kenickie

most likely to win the hand jive

the mandatory party-committee meeting

c-ro is possessed.

rydell high class of 2009

the following photos were taken backstage during the show:

no, we're not posing for pix during a scene... no.

cha cha and kenickie's grand entrance to the famous cue line,
"i understand you were asking about me?"

totally unprofessional


"patty? she's FLAT!"

"i'll take the troooophaaaeee"

(no, i'm not meaning to flare nostrils.... pretty sure i just couldn't breathe post-jive...
at any rate, i should have just used an inhaler to avoid ugly face...
coulda, woulda, shoulda)

cha cha wig being torn from head by jack..

hello angel

beauty school creepers

i see london... i see france.....

yes, marty. feel it.

the giant shots in the lobby..

close up shot for grandma to see..

hello, amputina

the original hand jivers.

pre-final show huddle.
"grease is the WORD"

the greatly-missed-alumni gentleman's club.
graduated kenickie, sonny, and fonatine..

cha chi/rizzie wig boy chat time.

with our lovely lovely la la.
the original sandy and rydell students before the final show.

we match

intermission with my original hand-jive nemisis

the b6 trio with cheryl and the geek.

drop outs.

farewell B6
(why is my head so HUGE)

*party pics to come


Melanie said...

Thrilling! You have now Graduated!

Carla said...

You look amazing! That looks like it was so much fun.

I would've given almost anything to see that on Broadway (and to sublet your apartment)! Oh well, coulda, woulda, shoulda.

linny1 said...

Thank you so much for sharing some special moments with the rest of us!

That first pic -- my two favorite girls!


I'm Natalie. said...

I'm so SAD I never got to come see you in action. SO SO SAD.

The Zeediks said...

I seriously am teary.. I can't believe i missed it...So glad for these pictures. Love you.