loubie's new year's adventures

sA at the alter of louboutin.

even toy soldiers like to play

all-night dealings in 5 inch stilettos make you want crutches....

or a couch.

for the record:
when i purchased the loubie's, i called worthie with glee looking for an equally as effusive response.

no dice.

she literally put a curse on them and me for my frivolity.


she said they will bring me much sadness.

(did you know she's a witch/soothsayer?? i didn't!)

when we (the loubie's and i ) arrived at the party, she witnessed the beauty in the flesh
apologized to us both (it WAS, the right thing to do)

as the drink/night wore on......

worthina felt the loubie's were staring at her-
accusing and reminding her of her hateful curse.

so, in the end,
worthina retracted her curse,
humbled her position,
appreciated their fabulousness
and made amends.

i'm so glad.


t-i-f-f-a-n-y said...

Does it count if I paint all of my soles red?

Crystal said...

Those look super cute with your super hip DVF wrap dress! and OMG, your friends are awesome. Was Julia really the Sugar Plum Fairy? She is sooo skinny!! What a fun party!

SaturdaysWarrior said...

You are seriously so blessed.

lindzi said...

Those look just like the cute Steve Madden's my friend just got! Cute!!

Emily said...

those are quite gorgeous shoes! i'm jealous!

Kins said...

How long are you going to be in Utah? I'm going to NY with my husbands fam in March & would love your advice on what to see and do.

Natalie* said...

julia really WAS sugarplum.
they're kind of a big deal!! and yes, she's gorgeously skinny AND she eats.
too bad she's too cool to hate!

and tiffany, go ahead! i think we should all paint our roses (or soles) red!!!

Natalie* said...


i'm in ut for a month (with possibility of flying back and forth a bit..)

check the blog archives for all my latest nyc tips!

Chelsea Belle said...

You're the cutest!!
I need some of these bad boys in a fun color for my wedding!!

I was e-bay/monitor shopping (kind of like window shopping from your computer)the other day, I saw some crazies out there who actually sell these hard-core red stickers that fit onto the heel/sole of a standard red shoe. Booooo.