the mac

is in the computer hospital.

hope she gets well soon!!!!

--and hopefully, by then, i'll be off the serious painkillers and back to lucid posting
(wait.. have i ever been lucid?)

oooh .... you KNOW i have so much to say about the bachelor last night!!

two words: sideburns sandy bullock (uh.. that's 3. see? percadone)


heidi and tom said...

what about "I'm going to get my electric toothbrush and give my puppy the biggest french kisses?" ahem, i think she shouldn't saved that for her therapist.

heidi and tom said...

SHOULD have saved that for her therapist...man you would think you were sharing your drugs with me!

Muranda said...

you don't know me...but i love you and your blog...hilarious!

the sideburns were killing me! i was beginning to wonder if i was the only one that noticed!

Natalia said...

wow we totally thought the same exact thing!!!!

CoLiE-O said...

love the bachelor! i was glad to sandra bullock/ michael jackson, and stalker shannon go! i hope he keeps stephanie around! she is so so sweet!