new year's shenanigans

at worthina's, i met fancy people...
like julia and aaron
(both prof ballet dancers - he: retired and in scholastic-land
she: danced sugarplum fairy in pittsburgh's nutcracker this year)

very cool.

at la-la and naters, we ate DELISH food and wore ooh la la duds.
doesn't she look like the little mermaid (think lovely thoughts!!)
i'm wearing sample DVF which is cool, modern, and fab in person but one of those choices i may regret in 10 yrs.... or now....
after looking at the pics.

she makes me look a bit like my ancestor, willard richards........


worthina with her infamous boozy trifle
(last year i may have been a bit buzzed after indulging)

gracious hosts
i think worthini should always pose with a spoon.

fantastic cousin sA, the flying monkey, and a flute of martinelli's apple/peach fizzy

and now for the collection of
typical natalie/worth party shenanigan shots.....
(pretty sure i have these SAME shots in every city... at every party)

new years unicorns

watching he central park fireworks and freezing our baguette's off...

i hear being sober makes you colder.....

i have such wonderful friends.


naomi megan. said...

you are looking good girl! happy new year! have a wonderful time out west.... let me know how things go.


Carolyn said...

You couldn't look rotund if you tried! Or if you put a widning lens on the camera. Or if you stuffed your gorg' DVF dress with pillows.