welcome, 2009!

something's coming.... i don't know what it is....
but it is gonna be great! (wss)

no plans.... but many hopes.

in rough 2008,

i enjoyed steady employment in a hit show | met new and exciting people | loved and lost | loved and gained | learned how important my family is to me |
lived in an apartment and a city i adore | worked on interesting new projects | had many adventures with stellie
| took part in many shenanigans |

in 2009 i hope we all...

enjoy health and safety of the people we love | renew or find new love | enjoy lots of time with friends and family | live in a beautiful space | embrace change | remain hopeful | trust that He will provide | challenge ourselves | drink more water | forgive more
| have opportunities to travel |

my new years resolution

to be more becoming

in speech | in thought | in deed | in love

what is yours?

pic by nic


Kristin Marie said...

Shenanigans are a wonderful thing to take part in and I hope you find many more in 2009.

My 2008 resolution was to be bolder and I think I did a pretty good job with that.

I think my 2009 might be to not be so transparent and heart on sleeve wearing. That or not take pictures with people skinnier than me. I haven't quite decided.

Lindsay said...

amazing words. you're so eloquent.

Kins said...

Natalie-I have no clue if you remember dancing with Pam Osorio, but I remember you and what a beautiful girl you are! (You were when we were little too!) I LOVE reading your blog--it is the highlight to my not so exciting life! Happy New Year!

Natalie* said...

kins, of course i remember singing and dancing iwth pam! she's the one who got ime into this crazy business!

so fun to reconnect!!

happy new year!

Kika+Trevor said...

My biggest resolution is to work towards becoming more like Christ. I didn't do so well in 2008 and feel selfish. Need to serve more, love more, give more. :)


April Van Wagenen said...

Hi Natalie! I admit it, I stalk your blog. You are so cute and fun. I hope you find something that makes you happy when your show is done. My resolution this year is to get in shape and learn to do a backhandspring!

Carla said...

Hi. I found your blog some time ago from a link on a blog that was a link on another blog...yada yada yada. I love the candid way that you write.

I used to live in NY (Westchester County--nanny) and visited the city very often and it is my favorite city in the world! I, too, love Broadway! And hamburgers! I'm a Utah Mormon, and my husband served in Pusan Korea (he spells it with a "P") in the early 90's (I served in NC).

I have 12 New Years resolutions--a new one each month. That way I might not get bored and fail by June. Happy New Year!

Charlene said...

Natalie, You don't now me (yet!) but I found your blog somehow. We have lots in common...faith, a love for NYC, and Osmond stuff. Take a look here: www.harreveldhappenings.blogspot.com

Laura said...

LOVE your darling blog!! I was a sign language missionary in Manhattan about 12 years ago... I LOVE THAT PLACE!!

LOVE your family christmas card, too! SO creative and so much fun! Hope your dad recovers quickly!

A and L said...

i am so excited you are coming HOME! i wish i'd be here to see you asap. we have so much catching up to do. ok, i have so much catching up to do on you.

good luck tomorrow night.