dear grease,

thank you so much for giving me 24+ pairs of custom-made show shoes!!

they're beautiful and interesting and expensive...

but WHERE do i put them in my studio apartment?!

anybody have any cool storage ideas??
(no space for over the door... or under the bed....and they look silly on top of my chester drawrs)


Michelle said...

Are you kidding me?!?! That is amazing! I might be drooling looking at that pic.

Wish I had some storage ideas for you! Enjoy them!

Laurel said...

I'm sure you're not an 8 1/2...but on the off chance you are, you can, um, er, store them in my closet! (grin)

- a lurker coming out to offer help.

(glad you're healing up, btw)

ShaLyse Walker said...

are you back in NY now? What's next you little superstar?

Amy said...

You could hang them from the ceiling... and wait for "the last shoe to fall". LOL!

Actually I'm thinking you should hold onto your absolute favorites and auction off the rest on Ebay or here on your blog!

-another LDS lurker

{and your toe? Ouch.}

Kat said...

Since they are all snazzy and sexxy little shoes, you could put them on display. Get a metal rod, mount it about 2 inches below your ceiling on a wall, and then the shoes can hang from their heels. Like a spice rack of fabulous dancing shoes! If you don't want to put them on display, you can do the same thing but using the very top wall space in your closet. Happy Shoe hanging! So jealous!

Jaime said...

This is what we're doing in my tiny apartment:

Wall space in the entry way. . .

Good luck finding a solution!!

Lindsee said...

I'm a lurker too...who lives in a tiny 1 bedroom apt. Get cute storage boxes, and if you've got room above your cabinets in the kitchen, shove them up there.

Incase you would feel better 'knowing' me, since I read your blog a lot, you can check mine out.


...and I live in UT, so that should give me brownie points, right?

Shari said...

Can you put some kind of single-shelf that runs around the top of the walls? Then you could put the shoes up there and decorate it with all sorts of other Grease/other show memorabilia or other things that just show off your NYC fabulousness!

Martha said...

Ha ha that's great! I ADORE shoes :)

Jacqueline Pfeffer said...

I am so jealous.

You should find some way to rig your wall into a shoe hanger.

It would act as unique wall art AND you'd get to admire all of your shoes all the time - which, if you're as big a shoe junkie as I am, would make you extraordinarily happy ALL the time.

jonnysteph said...

Hope you don't mind my "blog stalking" but i laughed out loud when you wrote "chester drawers" i thought noone else but my family called them that!! Oh how i have been ridiculed for calling them that instead of "chest of drawers" Love your blog!!

-a fellow Utahn!!