nobody knows me.....

dubya and i are headed to glamorous wendover
to see one of my favorites, lyle lovett and his big band.

lots of buffets, super-sized diet cokes, subsequent bathroom trips,
themed hotel rooms, and good times on their way!

what are your weekend plans?


linny1 said...

Nat! I am going to spend some time with your Puerto Rican twin, X - seeing him in Altar Boyz!! Can't wait - will be sure your name will come up in conversation. Can't wait till you are back in NY - I'm ready for some MIM on Broadway!!

Have a fabulous weekend - but then, do you ever NOT have a fabulous anything?

Much love,

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Oh, how I love a large diet coke!
Have FUN!

Just taking it easy this weekend. The last weekend before graduating high school. Yay!

Singletonmd said...
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Katie Riggs Hansen said...

You are going to LOVE my Lyle. I attended when he played with KD Lang at Deer Valley with his Big Band (the only way to go) and it broke my heart a little.
There is a song he sings about "keeping your veggies in your pantries" (if you know what im sayin) that will make your chortle with glee.

If he does sing this, will you use that fancy app on your iphone and find out what it is called? I must find it out there in the world so I can make it my happy song.

Safe drive!

Ivy Morgan said...

sounds awesome!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

I LOVE Lyle too! I'll never forgive Julia for breaking his heart. He's too good for her anyway!

jasmine said...

sounds like you're gonna have a blast this weekend! enjoy yourself!