bye bye birdie FAQ

i've had lots of questions... here are some answers:

  1. what nights are you in the show? - every night (unless i'm sick) i'll be onstage playing Ms. Henkel wife to Mr. Henkel and mother to 3 Henkel teens. that is my ensemble track.
  2. what nights are you playing "Rosie"? at this point i don't know when/if i'll be playing "rosie." the gorgeous miss gina gershon ( who will be WONDERFUL ) is in the role and i'll bust into those spanish rose shoes whenever she is under the weather or has a prior commitment. i do not have any idea when that will be...... so come see the show and you just may get lucky. either way, you'll see me on stage.
  3. what is the difference btwn a cover, understudy, and standby? a cover and understudy are usually the same thing. it's usually an onstage ensemble member or offstage swing who have ensemble responsibilities and also are prepared to perform in a principal role. a standby is not in the show. they wait offstage until they are called upon.
  4. do you have access to free tickets? no. even my parents have to pay for tickets to see bye bye birdie. please don't even ask.
  5. is john stamos a good kisser? uhhhhh... i dunno. i met him yesterday. i'm sure i'll find out onstage when/if i go on for "rosie." i will say that he and gina are both really nice. we're going to have a great time.
  6. how long is the BBB run? the show opens for previews (meaning the show is still changing and we rehearse during the day as well as perform at night) on september 10 and we officially open on Oct 15. at this point, the show is scheduled to close on january 24... but if it's a HUGE hit, the show will remain open.... so BUY TICKETS NOW!
  7. do you like your costumes? LOVE LOVE LOVE... my ensemble costumes are gorgeous and the "rosie" costumes are SO fabulous. greg barnes is a costume genius.
  8. how long are you rehearsing? in august, we rehearse 10-6 / 6 days/week. after we move to the theatre in september, we'll start longer tech hours (where we put the costumes, lights, sets together). tech on this contract will rehearse 9 out of 10 hours.
any other questions?


Ali-bell said...

nice post! I love when you write about theatre stuff, it's why I started reading your blog!
the show sounds like it's going to be great, I just wish I could see it!

Thais said...

How exciting! I'm still having no luck with talking husband into going to NYC this fall. something about thanksgiving family reunion in st. george and not having time off. boo.

Laila Of Course! said...

Oh! That is so exciting. :) I hope it all goes wonderfully and that you perhaps get a chance to go up! Unfortunately I can't go, since by that point school will have started.. againn.
Be sure and enter my giveaway-- it's really easy to enter! And please do pop by & leave a comment.


Linda said...

Thanks, Natalie. The first one was exactly what I wanted to ask you. So, now I know that if I am lucky enough to get tickets, I will see you!!

Thanks, again!!

Lizzie said...

We were trying to decide what show to go to, and I randomly got a sweet deal on tickets yesterday! . Coming in sept with sisters and mom! Can't wait!

Karen said...

Very exciting!

I always loved Bye Bye, Birdie!

Rudi said...

Thanks so much for this post!!
I love your blog because I want to be in your position someday- it's so cool being able to see a glimpse of a broadway actress's life.

I wish I could come see you in BBB- I'm going to NYC for the first time this Monday, but the chances of visiting again are slim to nothing.

Thanks so much for posting!!

lil mama said...

I have a probably inappropriate question:
do you get paid more for having to learn two parts? And do you have an understudy?

Charity said...

Hi Natalie,

I'm going to NY for the first time in a couple of weeks. I'd love to see a broadway musical. Do you recommend any? Also, do you know of anywhere to get cheap tickets? I've heard in Times Square there's a place?

Ps: I'll be going back to NY in Nov and can't wait to see you in bbb!

King Family said...

i have a question: i will be out there this fall and i am wondering if you could get me a ticket? hahahahaha
you are the best...this show is going to be so much fun...can't wait to hear all about it!

southern daze said...

Thanks for the answers. We'll be there in October and thought about seeing you during previews but now think we'll shift our dates a little and come on opening night.

Do you have any idea which seats are the best to book? If we can't afford those, which are the next best?

Thanks for your help! I'm SO looking forward to seeing you in action :-)

p.s. What area of NYC do you recommend staying in? (Last time we were there we stayed at London NYC but are looking to branch out and may even rent an apartment instead of booking a hotel.)

southern daze said...

Opening night isn't available (should have known) but I did just purchase two tickets for the night before opening night. Can't wait!!!