oh canada!

.canada day 2009. irish rogue . jen sese . mim . melissa van der schyff- token canadian .

i forced the gals to hit broadway's canada day party (specially melissa who was our "token")
with me.
what better way to break the ice with lines like,
"are you canadian? i'm not- but i like katchup chips and robaxacet."

my favorite quote of the night: I'M NOT GAY!!!!!( ij)

see more of linda lenzi's photos for broadwayworld.com { here }


Cat said...

How funny to have a "token"! Sounds like a fun party!

Millar said...

I have that maxi dress...I love it. Although it looks a lot better on you!

Karen said...

This is the first year in ages that I haven't celebrated Canada Day! I missed it and I'm sad.