3rd annual birthday shake shackstravaganza

abb & kaiser, worthini & mike, lisa & josh, subsy & me (officially best friends/girlfriends)

my 3rd annual shake shackstravaganza was this week.
i was pleased as punch to have all of my favorite people in attendance!

my cougar den roomate, suzanne!

brent, abs, ceek, & carl
(i set them up, btw. and they're getting married!!!!)

beautiful girls!

gorgeous tricia
(star of like 10 currently running commercials... have you spotted her?)

matching shoes. matching shoes.
worthie & me

subsy, sese, me, worthini, lisa

chewy, teetee nani, and kaiser
nugget pile!
stellie's boyfriends dueling over her attention...

good friends. great conversation

worthini and suz

the always darling sarah darling.

the barre family

sleepy boy....
seriously. he just pooped out (over a metal bar) doodling in the sand.

the very very famous director and dear dear friend, gabe barre.

telling a very important story, naturally.

lis and genna presented me with my bday cupcake!

another wish!
(for the same 2 things ;)

teary with my lis.

pretty sure i cried about 15 times during the party.
so overwhelmed by the love and goodness of my friends...
especially during these difficult months.

nobody has it better than me!


Karissa Kay said...

Happy Birthday!
And, I have to know where you got your little white tee. I need a lower cut one to wear under stuff that's not shade.

Em {orange + barrel} said...

Where did you get your dress? Love it.

Natalie Hill said...

the dress is lauren moffat (last season)

and the t-shirt is forever 21 $4.99
i stock up on them every season!

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Oh Shake Shack how I miss you and crave you! That will definitely be one of the first places I go to the next time I get to New York.

Hope your birthday was everything you wanted it to be. :)

christy said...

You look beautiful. You weren't kidding about the eye lashes. Wowza.

Edwards Family said...

Happy Birthday!!! I just turned 29 on the 28th of May...here's to taking advantage of the last year of the 20's, no? (c:

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

Just wanted to let you know I gave you the Sunshine Award on my blog.


Thanks for always bringing a smile to my day!

socialmediaservice said...

You look beautiful. Thanks for always bringing a smile to my day!

abb shakes

Lori said...

I was in Brent's ward growing up. I love our small Mormon world.