top 20!!

me in jess's favorite outfit: "jersey soccer mom"

when i was in BYE BYE BIRDIE,
my sweet little birdie, jess leprotto, told us that *someday* he'd be on
"so you think you can dance" which was not hard to believe at all.
after all, he was a SICK dancer and darling boy.
once if figure out these computer thingys, i'll upload an impromptu dance that i recorded..

now his braces are off and he is, indeed, in the TOP 20 of sytycd!!!

congrats and good luck to jess!
and a plea to vote for him. he's an absolute doll and insane talent.
fly, birdie!!! fly!!


Laurie said...

How cool!

Jaana said...

I love Jess! Wish I could vote for him (and Melanie Moore), but I'm watching from Canada. Maybe someone could cast a few votes for me? ;)

Sarah boo said...

Oh, I've loved him from ever since they showed his audition. He reminded me of Evan from a few seasons ago.

Donna said...

I will totally vote for him, he is adorable!

Melinda said...

Jess was fantastic last night! SWEET!!