sussy told me i look like barbara streisand
in this pic (and in life...).
(my inner gay shrieked with delight.)

me: ooooh like babs in "the way we were?"
 you know,  all "i'm a katie girl?
cause i totally am...."

sussy: no. like barbara streisand in "meet the fockers."



paula said...

LOL! This is the funniest thing I have read in awhile....thanks for the laugh this morning :)

sarah marie. said...

i think you should do your hair like this everyday. literally. i love it.

golfing24-7 said...


Nice...I'm a Mormon in Los Angeles. *waving briskly from the other coast*

golfing24-7 said...
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golfing24-7 said...

oh...I should mention that link features none other than YOU in it. You do look like a fabulous young Barbara Streisand FWIW.

Rae said...


katilda said...

"my inner gay." bahaha. my dad worked at a movie theatre when he was a teenager in the 70s, and he used to watch the barbra streisand movies over and over because he loved her. ahaha.

Michelle said...

I was thinking you looked like Carol King in this shot.

Marlon said...

I don't know if you looked like that woman but what I know is that after I saw this image of you I had to go to xlpharmacy to buy some medication because you're so beautiful and you almost caused me a heart attack.