how pretty are my jersey girls?!

pretty pretty and fabulously amazing new friends.

do you see london, france, and my underpants?
(that's the look)

my mom thinks this ensemble is me in 1999.
do you agree OHS tigers?
she's pretty right on.
this wig is definitely giving you a natalie hill senior pic flashback.

i make 17 costume changes.
14 in the first act alone so i have very very few pics in costume
(cause 99% are quick changes)
but i'll try to sneak a few more cause these jersey girls are BRINGING IT!


Kristen said...

Holy costume changes batman! You are all beautiful, but I think the strange birthmarks on all your foreheads need to be looked at. ;)

missy. said...

i wonder if you know my cousin brendylan reid? she went to ohs i think around the same time as you. crazy.

gorgeous girls! xoxo

the emily said...

I wish I knew more about the show, or that I could see it. Y'all are gorgeous.

Jill said...

awesome! U are living the life girl!
my new blog url is: www.phatjill.blogspot.com

Pieces of Us said...

OHS tigers? Awesome! That's where I graduated from in 2004. My sister graduated in 2000...I wonder if you know her....

Jerome Haward said...

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