pool hopping.

here the thing about the las vegas pools.....
they're not pools, actually. 
they're clubs (with stripper poles in the water) where it's acceptable to wear little strings with pasties and call them a swimsuit (oh and don't forget to scrunch your back bottoms so you can see your crack) accompanied by your highest platform hooker heels...... 

which was news to me. i mean, i'm all for lengthening the leg, but why not wear a sandal-heel as opposed to a glittery PUMP. oy.

no havianas here. 

courtney- the prolific dallas socialite (sunglasses hut manager) from "most eligible dallas" said it best:

"ok. you get a choice: you can either high heels or a bikini. 
you can't wear both. 
if you're going to wear a bikini,
 you need to wear flip flops, or go bare foot, or better yet,
 why don't you be in the 
freaking pool because you're in a bikini!"

she continues to say that because she wore a beautiful cover up, it bought her a wedge. not a high wedge, but a small decent wedge. 

cracked me up. 

my favorite pool thus far is definitely the red rock pool. 
sedated. normal. 
not sceney. 

it doesn't hurt that we met some adorables from UK's Royal Air Force (did you know they have a base in las vegas?!) who went to school with will and harry? carry ON!

i taught them a few american words and they taught me that my tortilla chips are called "crisps" across 
the pond. 

now that's a foreign exchange!

viva las vegas!


Sandi said...

This was a good way to start my day :)

the emily said...

Just ridiculous. I have nothing else to say! Oh wait. Except. Last month husband and I went to Boston for our 10th anniversary. He had to work, I got to play. Our hotel had a roof top pool, so one day after shopping I decided to go up and lay out for a bit. Only it was PACKED. Not the pool, mind you, there wasn't one single person in the pool. But every single chair was taken with beautiful men and women, flirting and drinking. I had to wait 45 minutes for a chair, and the waiters never even glanced my way. I guess a 31-year-old mom of 3 isn't important enough...it was insane.

ellabelle said...

You know, Prince Harry himself is in California for helicopter training for the next ten weeks and is planning a trip to LV when he gets some downtime. I think it might be wise to stay close to those British soldiers you met....

Hilary said...

Oh these posts. How I've missed them.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

this post was hilarious... you cracked me up :)!

shannon said...

hilarious. and very true. and i'll admit, i watch "Most Eligible Dallas" every Monday night - just to hear what is going to come out of Courtney's mouth. And last week was STELLAR!

missy. said...

ya heels at the pool, i'm with ya on that one. no way.

Liz said...

Loved this post and I absolutely agree with you! I always wanted a pool in our backyard (kinda hard to do when northern Utah isn't exactly pool weather much of the time), but now I think I'll just skip the pool part and put lounging chairs all across my backyard. It'll be cheaper too!

Charlene said...

This post reminded me of a Burt Lancaster movie titled "The Swimmer." Have you ever seen it?

Donna said...

I kind of lurk on your blog...I enjoy it! I was wondering if you could come by my blog and add your opinion to my recent post.

Atlantic Beachlife said...

my favorite things about las vegas:

1. renting a car and getting out of the city, to Red Rock park or state park or natural area, whatever they call it. gorgeous.

2. visiting Hoover Dam. what a awesome feat of engineering.

3. seeing quality shows (i'm sure Jersey Boys is one of them).

4. I do like the shopping in Cesar's Palace but it's not like I can't find those stores...anywhere.

that's all.

(the arboretum at the Bellagio, i think, is done up quite lovely at Chinese New Year time)

Isabelle Thornton said...

Oh Las Vegas...
LDS too :)

Dan Lee said...

It looks amazing the pool that why I like to go there in the morning or at night when nobody is there.

Dan Lee said...

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