sheer scrub

i had a bummer week (for obvious reasons)
and fled to the korean spa for some r & r.

i decided to really go for it so i booked a
foot reflexology session,
body scrub,
deep tissue massage,
hair wash/condition &
cucumber mask.

and while both massages were pretty lackluster (bummer),
i really dug the scrub.

those koreans know how to exfoliate!!
she shed every inch of snake skin.

i'm so insanely soft. it's a tragedy no one is touching my skin.

BUT, i found it just a little odd that my (rather large) female scrubber
(who traditionally wears a white nurses outfit or other official-looking uniform)
wore a SHEER BLACK LACE panty & bra set.

what happens in vegas?


Rae said...

I see the headlines. "Mormon Blogger Tips Cops; Spa Shut Down"

Great story.... I just hope you've got another spa near by :)

Deveny said...

At least you didn't hear "happy ending"...

kstaples said...

bahahahahaha that is so funny!

nathalia said...

They wear the same here in VA at the Korean spas... not just a Vegas thing! Hope you get all the R&R you want and deserve!

Jillian said...

Whoa-whoa-whoa....back that pony up. You mean you could see her bra and panties thru the white dress, or that was ALL she was wearing. I just want to be sure that I am feeling the appropriate amount of creeped outness.

the emily said...

I'm sorry, what? Are you serious?

Atlantic Beachlife said...

Natalie, I'm sure that is just the cultural difference. The ajumas who worked on me in the Korean spa in K-town, LA, wore the same "garb". It's cultural, and perfectly normal, I think. Not a Vegas thing at all. No one should get upset about that: it's a normal, Korean thing. Those spas are not like what we think... it is a women-only place.

My gosh, my skin was so soft too, for a good week afterwards, and that NEVER happens. not an inch of the body is left unscrubbed...and i mean that quite literally. readers, natalie knows what i'm talkin' about here!

Dan Lee said...

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