my darling friends,

i have to tell you something:
often, people are mean.
often, people will lie and slander you when you are good and true
and have the best of intentions.

it has nothing to do with you.
it has more to do with them....
they are small and ungracious and have motivations
that you will never understand because you love when good things and people succeed.

sadly, the broadway community can be that way in every facet.
i've seen horrible things written and said about brilliant performances and brilliant pieces..... with no founding.

that's happened to our dear bonnie & clyde.
critics often have personal vendettas about people in the cast/creative team or
interest in other shows going into a specific theatre...
sadly, critics think it's "highbrow" to slam a wildhorn score.
it's personal, it's nasty, and it's unfair...
(as a singer, i live to sing a great melodic line... frank writes that)
bonnie & clyde is his best work yet.
the music will move you and never leave you.
and it should be heard.

laura osnes (and i'm not swayed because she's my bestie) gives the performance of a lifetime. she sings her face off and slays it nightly. jeremy jordan is a dazzling star with the most thrilling voice and genius acting chops. claybourne elder (another dear sweet utahan) will break your heart as "buck" & melissa van der schyff  is one of the most incredible actresses/voices of our time. you MUST see her as "blanche."

but it's in trouble. at this point, it is not closing but is not selling tickets past 12/30....
unless YOU help.
if they can pack the houses for the next two weeks and show that people want to see this show, the investors will keep it open.

WE can prove that critics don't always get it right.
WE can choose what we want to see.
and WE can save hundreds of jobs for actors/stagehands/ushers/musicians.

if you're in NYC, buy a ticket.
if you're not in NYC, you can STILL buy a ticket and
and give it to a friend in town OR----

simply purchase a ticket, tweet @tadwilson & tell him it's waiting for him at the box office-
he'll give the tickets to people who otherwise couldn't purchase a ticket.


see B&C this week and get our personal FRIENDS & FAMILY DISCOUNT!!! 
You can purchase these at the box office or via Tele-charge using the code BCWANTED.
The prices are below:

Orchestra/Front Mezz - $82.50/$79.50
Mid Mezz - $69.50
Rear Mezz - $59.50

be a part of a christmas miracle, won't you?

listen to one of my favorite songs:


Sandi said...

Ugh, I wish I lived remotely close to go and see it.
I've always wondered why Frank Wildhorn gets the shaft with his musicals. THEY'RE FANTASTIC! His music is just...see I don't have words.

Aaron S said...

That song was excellent. If I could get up to NYC this month, I'd definitely go see it. Any chance the music will get on Spotify? I would love to hear the full album, and it seems odd that it isn't for sale on their website.

Brittany said...

sounds like a great show! i never know what possesses people to trash things like that. what a waste of energy. i hope that they have a good turnout and that the show will go on!

hiptobeesquare said...

You know the kid that plays "Young Clyde" (Talon Ackerman) is also from Utah? Carole Mekita just did a story on him on KSL. Anyway - the show is AWESOME! Please go see it!

L.S. said...

Seeing it tonight. So bummed it's closing. It's totally unfair.