utah - according to instagram

took forever to upload, but FINALLY, a look back at my time in utah thru the eyes of instagram.

 i got my hairs did (highlighted) and i got to have a voice lesson with my best gal, gayle lockwood @ byu.

attended about 6 byu basketball games & really missed jimmer

ate loads of deer valley cookies (the ONLY place to ski & eat in my opinion) 

had a lot of great ski days with my mom

ate it a few times.....

re created some of the 1996 les miz in concert with cute ashley for my Syd's benefit concert

checked out the new orem high school - which i didn't like at all. i'll take mine with aesbestos and b.o. smell, thank you very much. 

ate loads of doritos backstage with dallyn vail bayles & chris higbee who are just stupid talented. 


Brittany said...

wish i could have seen that les miz concert! bet it was awesome! dallyn came and sang with our choir & orchestra in portland and he was amazing!

Jessie said...

I could not agree more about the new OHS. Looks like you had a great time!

Beka said...

i just discovered your blog and i love it!

Andrea and Kara said...

You didn't include any of the Evie (sp?) pictures. . .and I'm going to just go ahead and ask a question that I'm assuming you won't answer because it's really none of my business. But the whole time you were in Utah, I kept wondering what's going on with Sussy? Other than being talented and famous. . .I thought she lived in California? So at first I thought she was home for an extended holiday visit too, but then it seemed like she was there the whole time you were--which was a long time! So has she moved back to Utah? Just curious.

Grace said...

It looks like a fantastic trip and what a gorgeous smile you have, Natalie!