my fav shabby apple shape.

finally, dolls. FINALLY!
so remember when i wore this dress
i wore it for a few bye bye birdie events.
it's my go - to audition dress and a lot of you were asking about it, but shabby apple had discontinued it. 
well, it's back! (i'd like to be partly responsible considering i actually stole it from my mom & begged CK to make a new one so i could return it to her....)
it looks great on EVERY body type. seriously. don't know a girl who doesn't look dynamite in this dress.. 
sometimes i put a little black or white cami under it (when my cup size is ample) ... but often i wear it without. 

you can find it { here }

with js at the bye bye birdie preview opening party

and with my onstage husband, TG, who is "smoldering" i think...

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