amstedam + enkhausen + delft + arnhem + paris + brussels + london + breda all from the dutch baby's phone

i realize i never posted my trip to europe.....
it's a big ole post!
i linked all of our adventures on my instagram account so if you're looking for something specific, that's the best place to find it....
here is what i saw-- according to the dutch's phone. 

enroute to jfk, my diet coke exploded in my purse and drowned my ipone camera. 
needless to say, i was devastated as i didn't bring a camera..... so i took this pic of how i was eating my feelings. 
thankfully, my smartie had a phone waiting for me there to use while i was in holland. 
after a bath in a little rice and some time in the freezer, my phone got it together.... maybe i'll post those pix later.. there were many more, but i can't upload them for some reason. i'm the worst. most of the great pix are on my insta account anyway.. here are a few you haven't seen. 

this is sort of an annoying long post- don't you hate when people make you look at their travel photos?! scroll on if you're not into it...

the sweet lady at KLM gave me this darling little delft china house which turns out to be quite the collector's item as it's filled with vodka and is a limited edition. fancy. 

 P picked me up from the airport and sent this pic to the dutch baby to affirm that i was in his possession... i was texting the dutch at that moment to tell him i was there...

 after a trip to the anne frank house and a tour of the city on my first day in amsterdam, we hopped to enkhousen to meet his family on their incredible sail boat.
i LOVED enkhousen. so picturesque.

could you DIE over this boat?! and his family?! they all look like they should be in a gap ad. 
what a treat! 

the next day, we hit the rijksmuseum. 

 very tall delft china.
 i'll do the total van gough museum next time

 they had a lovely little garden where you could enjoy a stroopwafel and a bev. it was darling.

 we did a tour of the canals . it was dreamy.

we skipped to delft (where he went to school) and enjoyed a bbq with his friends on the roof of his father's old (very old) canal house.  loved delft. 

then we drove to paris - sexy road trip food- 

where i ran into the middle of the street for a photo op..... the usual. 

our first stop- after poilane's croissants- was the rodin museum. i was really really excited to see this because i did CAMILLE CLAUDEL for frank wildhorn at the Goodspeed (where i am now) and i knew everything about rodin's work. hands down, my favorite museum. 

the thinker

the grounds are spectacular

the dutch has VERY large hands.

some of my favorites from camille.

musee d'orsay

 monet's dutch tulips. he loved this.

more favorites from both museums. 

first crepe at notre dam (missed berthillion ice cream. boo... next time!)

we hit the lovers lock bridge but didn't lock it up (the L word wasn't out there yet...) rather, i fell down the stairs on a very heavy city bike..... as spears says it best., that is "just so typically me."

 that night, we visited the tower and ate at cafe constant (divine!)

 every place in paris made me want to twirl... so i did.

dreamy carousel with the eiffel in the distance.  it was hands down the most romantic day of life... ever.

 i loved exploring saint-germaine! favorite crepes at creperie des cannettes.

i love french beauty products! this was the ONLY deal i found. i'm nuts about these vitamins and i got 2 bottles for half the price we pay int he US for one!

we did a proper taste testing of all of the famous macaron bakeries and you know what.... they're all great. some are better for certain things....
my favorite raspberry was pierre herme.

it was unseasonably hot and rain free the entire time i was in europe. we were 
thisclose to jumping in that fountain. 
look at the wingspan on that gentleman!

 seems i found my name and my sister, nina's, pretty much everywhere in paris.

 we enjoyed sacre-coer (aka. my 6 euro stair workout)

 best view of paris!

 i didn't actually visit the mona lisa (i was OOOVER the tourists at that point) but we enjoyed the beauty of the louvre at dusk.

rosy cheeks. 

twirling for ART!!

i drug the dutch to the french fair... it was just so pretty! and seedy.


this is the way, the dutch likes to start every day. a man needs his freshly squeezed oj, bread and cheese!

pretending to be my friend, erin morley, and singing from la boheme outside the opera house. 

made a little purchase at the galleries lafayette

and hit laduree where a gypsy scammed me for FOUR of my 6 macaroons as we exited. boo. 

 falafel in marais- i felt so at home. turns out i look french and jewish. my people!

 found some delicious portugese custard tarts. yum.

the dutch has a masters degree in engineering (even though he works as a business consultant) so a tricky french puzzle was NOT going to get the best of him. i finally made him buy it cause i knew he wouldn't leave it unfinished and the lack of AC in that shop was making me nauseous. he finished it in about 5 min at home. 
no one else has been able to finish the puzzle. 

yes, yes it is!

 we had a really lovely time just sitting in the tuileries.
i wish we could go back right now.

 the next am, we headed to versailles then brussels then london all within 12 hours....
this line was obnoxious. i pretty much hated the heat of the palace but would LOVE to return to the gardens and spend more time!

i love marie antoinette's petite palais.

 we then hopped in the car to go to brussels...

more french road trip fare...

brussels was really pretty! dutch baby thought he was going to change my life with an incredible local chocolate shop-- godiva--- i died laughing. 

 bruges waffle....i have to say, bruges waffles in slc is FAR better than the famous dandoy!

 but it was really cute...
then we hit the high speed train to london where we wandered and ate at the loveliest restos...

 hands down, the best gelato we had was at scoops in london.

 ben sure was spectacular...
not spectacular= tour groups.
next time i go to london, i'll hit museums, etc..... it was just too nutty to bear...

found some really neat items at the portabello market

introduced the dutch to his first coconut water experience.

'm madly in love with notting hill

 and ottolenghi (i could/would eat there every day)

learned how to be a princess at kensington palace.

 and told them to fix the grass before kate and george show up.

 to die for.
i love an english garden.

we saw the most brilliant play- the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime.

 and saw my people representing on a bus and in church.

 nyc represented at covent garden.... no... i didn't shake the shack. i wanted to do solely english things.

 he took me for tea at harrods

 and shopping at liberty (to DIE for jewelry)
and i posed with the lego royal family.

buckingham palace was rad.

notting hill.... gorg.

we were at the tower of london on the day George was born. 

cute... yet smelly. 

chorizo at borough market

 happy reunion with my fabulous friend, julie.

 the dutch was so mean! he wouldn't let me go to the hospital and wish kate well!
instead, we went back to brussels then to breda and enjoyed his family.
more pix of breda and london on my IG

the dutch eat chocolate sprinkles over butter for breakfast.... interesting...

we enjoyed a little pool sit at his mother's house in arnhem while our clothes dried.

 brothers with fancy shoes.

 we facetime'd home so my family was assured that i wasn't sold into sex slavery.

we had a trip most people only dream about. i feel incredibly grateful... i really do. it makes me feel so sad to re-visit this trip! 
i'm so ready for euro trip #2!!! 


Shayla said...

Absolutely WONDERFUL! Love this! So happy for you!

Kirsten Christensen said...

You went to so many of my favorite places. The Dutch is super lovely. Hope he knows how lucky he is to have met you.

ellen said...

Fun trip! What's your instagram link?

Shawnee - Sassy in Sweatpants said...

I'm just living through all of your pictures. I love it! Musee d'Orsay is my favorite place. I am so glad you had such a dreamy time!

Heather said...

I loved seeing it all on IG and I loved reading it all over again today! What an amazing trip! I love your Dutchman. He is beautiful! I hope you have Euro trip #2 soon...and share it all with us! Thanks.

Whitney B. said...

Amazing! He is so handsome, y'all are a really cute couple. I have yet to go to Europe, so jealous and I am dying to go there!

The Suzzzz said...

Looks like fabulous trip, it is making me want to head back to Europe ASAP. If you liked Notting Hill you would like Primrose Hill and Regent's Park area of London as well. The LDS chapel you took a photo of, is that the one in Kennsington by the museum?

Emily DeBry said...

Your adventures are pretty much like a fairy tale!! So beautiful and I am so happy for you!

Jo said...

This trip looks so perfectly lovely. It's European--so I have to say that it's lovely, not awesome or rad or cool. ;)

I've found your blog/Instagram fairly recently and my, oh my, you've won me over! Such a charming, silly, and elegant lady you are.

Jo Farmer

Emily Foley said...

What a trip! When I went to Versailles in 2011 I had spent a week waiting in lines and I was over it. So I walked to the gate and walked in. Nobody said a word! It was awesome.

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Minh Nguyen said...

I really enjoyed your photos ♡

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The Shabby Princess said...

I've been reading your blog for ages but rarely comment (sorry!), I just wanted you to know how happy I am for you and how you and the Dutch have inspired me! If y'all can do such a beautiful long distance thing, I am confident myself and my new beau can as well as I live abroad for 9 months. Anyways, I love your blog and am so glad you had such a great time in Europe!

Trentent Silver said...

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Emily said...

How fabulous!

Rachel said...

Would you mind telling me what brand your brown purse is? I've been looking for one just like it. Thanks!

Toko Dewi said...

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