{ the bachelor- juan pablo } biggest bumski in bach history

really? REALLY?

ok... i'm sorry (not sorry) that this is so late. it's pretty obvious that this man hung the moon if i'll give up a few incredible bachelor FINALE parties to go to his game. i'm go glad i did. real live > blogging > reality tv any day. i'm so happy. i can't handle it. 

  1. i'm ready for st lucia. 
  2. i love that the cousin hitched a ride on the bach train. did they pay for his braces?
  3. i love the "sacraMENto"
  4. clare's makeup is always ON. POINT.
  5. camila is not having clare. 
  6. someone put clare in a cold shower. 
  7. clare is SO nervous. 
  8. ok, now i'm in love so i'm really keen to the BS factor. 
  9. she's full of it. 
  10. HEPERactive. 
  11. is he medicated?
  12. what just happened with his mom?!
  13. his dad is sweet. 
  14. i'm bored. bored. bored. 
  15. i do love a child in a good bow. 
  16. backless dress with that dove flying into her armpit to meet the fam?
  17. nikki is nervous as well..... this "blessed" and "grateful" speech is well prepared.
  18. JP has some serious sweat marks. should have gone with a navy shirt. 
  19. oh boy. dad is telling some serious truth here. 
  20. nikki is speaking so deliberately and slowly. doesn't she think his mom speaks english. 
  21. this is just weird. what's your itinerary for camila?!
  22. and there's the truth... he's gonna sit around and watch tv!
  23. YES! there's a MAN! sign me UP!
  24. long hesitation, mom. 
  25. nelly is a beautiful lady. 
  26. oh neat! he watches tv and walks away from relationships. 
  27. look how surprised he is that she's not scared. 
  28. it's the carribean! i'm not going to wear a bra.... or a back! -thomas
  29. i'm with you, studio audience lady. 
  30. yeah the family was pretty candid. 
  31. "ees not ok."
  32. dog lover always speaks the truth. 
  33. you know she's wondering how she can bring up her gay dads. 
  34. i LOVE catherine's fringe. 
  35. this man is not into it. 
  36. clare is smizing AT ALL TIMES. 
  37. just totally aware of the camera.
  38. oh clare! what did he whisper! we're on pins and needles. 
  39. did he say something dirty?
  40. definitely.
  41. wow. go clare. 
  42. i'm pretty sure i know what he said. 
  43. and, honestly, clare..... you hooked up with him in the ocean so i'm not sure you should be totally surprised....
  44. he's kind of unraveling. 
  45. there is so much arrogance in his eyes. 
  46. i'm not sure i understand what she wants him to say. 
  47. he DID say he didn't need the physical so .... what does she need?
  48. ew. with her mouth open. 
  49. why was she talking like a baby with an accent?
  50. it's hard for me cause i'm such an effing victim. 
  51. clare will take scraps. 
  52. i canNOT handle her sex faces. 
  53. are you kiding me with this song?
  54. this girl is a piece of work. 
  55. for the first time in my life, i like sharleen and her vampire lips and thoughts. 
  56. yeah. that was painful and manipulative. he was gross. 
  57. that is a well cut bikini top. 
  58. cool, nikki. talk about the weather. 
  59. is that an oil puddle round that sternum of his?
  60. this man is all about a bed and tv. 
  61. nothing to do with her. 
  62. what?
  63. by himself?
  64. did he just announce that. 
  65. pretty selfish body language. 
  66. WHAT is happening with the bottom of that dress?!
  67. you're going to be waiting for a long time for that jp. 
  68. look at her. she's tortured. she knows it's wrong and isn't trusting her guy. 
  69. does she really have orange undies on?
  70. she has such a cute body! why would she wear that toilet paper dress.- jess
  71. she looks like she's going to throw up as he kisses her. 
  72. that hair color! 
  73. let's pray she gets a root touch up before the finale. 
  74. i mean, that body!
  75. this is just icky. 
  76. why is she crying? 
  77. she wanted an "i love you" but isn't it contracted that he can't say that...
  78. he was pretty patronizing after that letter. 
  79. ooooh those are some tight pants, jp. 
  80. poor girls have to ruin their hair on those boats. 
  81. i do love nik's dress.
  82. the ambient noise is such an omen. 
  83. ooooh clare is the first? that's a surprise. 
  84. poor thing. having to walk in sand. 
  85. good thing they walked thru that door with that non-existant wall protecting the area. 
  86. ok candle light in the daytime...
  87. maybe they had to push the shoot forward?
  88. he looks glinty. 
  89. why is she doing the speech? isn't he supposed to speech?
  90. ooop. she is catching on. eyebrows raise, jaw tightens, eyes dart.
  91. oooh wait... the hand?
  92. this is uncomfortable. 
  93. this is not gracious. 
  94. i get that the chicks are all "woman power" about it but that was a little dramatic. 
  95. oooh man. he's not gracious either. 
  96. i really did think he'd pick her. 
  97. yeah, clare. i thought that's what he said. 
  98. so doing that in the ocean is confirmed. 
  99. that's some good stuff, though!- jess.
  100. nikki's legs are so pretty.- jess
  101. good thing. we're seeing a lot of em. 
  102. that slit is slutstitute material.
  103. i really don't like the girl monologue before the proposals thing...
  104. i'm seriously shocked. they edited it like clare was the front runner from the beginning.
  105. poor nikki is profusely sweating. 
  106. i love your honesty cause you're like me and i love myself. 
  107. ouch. "i like you a lot."
  108. say no! say no!
  109. she just wanted to win. 
  110. no music...
  111. ah there it is. 
  112. yeah.. i knew he wouldn't propose.
  113. you're doing "well," clare. 
  114. that hair color is right on. 
  115. those extensions are tough. 
  116. she's such a head-in-the-clouds, princess girl. 
  117. you already did repeat it. clare.
  118. she's totally gunning for bachelorette. never going to happen. she's not relatable. 
  119. great dress. 
  120. oooh jp. so political. you KNOW abc coached that. 
  121. did he just snap at chris?! yeow. 
  122. you don't like speaking about your private things ... which is why you went on the show?
  123. he's talking a mile a minute. 
  124. "eees fine" is the new "it's ok"
  125. wooooooah. he's so out of touch. 
  126. he's asking for it. 
  127. good! nikki learned!
  128. she looks fantastic! gorgeous color and great makeup. 
  129. i'm surprised that they're together. 
  130. nope... he hasn't told her he loves her. wow. 
  131. this is so uncomfortable. 
  132. poor girl. he's just not that into her. 
  133. (consider) all his other options now that he's famous.- thomas.
  134. hmmm. so he bait and switched....
  135. this is SO uncomfortable. 
  136. she looks like a battered woman. 
  137. this is awful. 
  138. he gets pissed when he's asked.-thomas
  139. oook. now he's defensive. 
  140. wow he's crazy! totally crazy!
  141. i was completely bamboozled by him. 
  142. he's such a jerk. 
  143. this uncomfortable pressing is so horrible. 
  144. yes, shawn! that's a man. 
  145. so she's just getting closer and closer?
  146. she'll be on his lap in a minute. -thomas
  147. she's brainwashed.-thomas
  148. this is just miserable. 
  149. on one hand, i totally respect him for that, but it's all so horribly awkward. 
  150. it's funny that when asked about the relationship, he just gets pissed off.- thomas
  151. clearly. CLEARLY. 
  152. well done, chris. 
  153. what plans changed drastically?!?!
  154. cause he was booted from dancing with the stars, right?
  155. shawn is like, "i got married on tv... so...."
  156. good girl, catherine. 
  157. he doesn't get it!
  158. i love that chris is being snarky.. but he shouldn't be pressured to say he loves her if he doesn't. 
  159. that's TWICE in a lifetime, andi.- thomas. 
  160. ok, andi. bring it. 
  161. does a DA really go out in the field like that?
  162. in heels?
  163. please don't pop that dress! it's fabulous. 
  164. just girls seething with jealousy. 
  165. she's had a little work done. 
  166. fillers. 
  167. jess doesn't think she looks as good...
  168. i think it's fillers...
yeah, express your emotions IF you can express your emotions from under that botox mask.
oook well that was unsatisfying.
i really don't think JP had to profess his love for nikki.... but it sucks that he ended up being a royal tool in the end. do i need to have trust issues now that i loved him for so long and he turned out to be horrible?!



Lexi and Robert said...

I loved him at the beginning but he turned into a total train wreck. I would have had sirens going off when his own family talked about how hard of a person he is. Oh well bring on the bachelorette...ha ha nothing like 25 dramatic men! (PS I really liked the girls this season what a waste)

Kika VilaNova said...

man, he turned out to be MEAN! I agree, he signed up for the show so why wanting to be all private now?

How many bachelors does it take to make the nation hate the show? JUAN! hahahaha

Kellee Marie Cook said...

I don't care how long he wants to wait to drop the L bomb but I don't know why he had to turn into such a jerk about it all. He was crazy defensive and I think his true colors are coming out- RED flags. I'm with you, I was so excited about him in the beginning and he's left me w no choice but to dislike him. Sigh.

BeckyB.West said...

My hubby and I now make it a point to say "I like you. A LOT" every day. It means so much. Ha ha ha!!!

Shelby said...

I love that word "Bumski"!