{ the bachelor - juan pablo } WOMEN TELL ALL

we had a really fun group tonight. new viewers, old viewers, and lots of opinions...

mairin: not pictured...

  1. ok. so when does the free spirit care about ANYTHING?!
  2.  these previews look amazing
  3. chris is dressed to join the mafia in that pinstrips. 
  4. i live for the sappy audience shots. 
  5. i love catherine's "grown sexy" hair. 
  6. who is tooting what?!
  7. how long are these guys on this part? i'm bored. -mairin
  8. they are boring. 
  9. seriously? a muppet ad?
  10. juan pablo talks more freely with m&m's and muppets.
  11. looots of makeovers on this. 
  12. that damn dog. 
  13. love renee.
  14. she looks like a million. 
  15. dog owner looks just like her animal. 
  16. no man can rock a harem pant. - jess m
  17. andi is wanting to vomit ofver all of this. 
  18. i want sharleen to apologize for being such an ugly kisser.
  19. ok, so our opera star erin morely said this chick has some regional opera stuff but nothing too special but she's covering at the met so she's getting better dates...
  20. christine needs to avoid the blonde... she looks like an avatar. 
  21. cassandra needs to tone down that makeup. she's so pretty she doesn't need eye and lip salad. 
  22. orchid may be the color this season, but it's like jeggings.... not for everyone. 
  23. why isn't the piano girl wearing eyeliner. 
  24. go kelli! call them out!
  25. gracious of andi to stand up for him.. that's the abc pr spinning her. 
  26. somebody is being groomed to be the next bachelorette
  27. i agree with that, kelli. he did use the daughter as an excuse. 
  28. i feel bad for his daughter.-tina
  29. i'm gonna say renee's eyebrows are a little intense... and a strange shape.
  30. they're dead wrong- mairin
  31.  you guys, that dog girl has to be a russian! she's wearing the trashiest dress ever.- tina (the russian)
  32. yeah he was shady. if he was going to have a no kissing mom policy, he should have honored that across the boards. 
  33. kelli always speaks the truth. 
  34. i love that she's so passionate. - mairin. 
  35. andi looks great- abc hair and makeup team. 
  36. andi's makeup /dress is nailing it..... though the eyebrows are a little drawn. 
  37. woah! i didn't even know who victoria is. 
  38. "buyers remorse" - ouch. 
  39. sharleen's makeup is solid. 
  40. she looks gorg. 
  41. free spirit is working without a bra... and with a possible nipple out. 
  42. where is massage girl!
  43. i think chris is accusing her of bein manic. 
  44. her eyebrows are like little catepillars that rear up with they're mad at each other. 
  45. "schwedgie." shorts wedgie!- tina
  46. you sure they don't just get actors?- megan
  47. no.. they just get girls who are spectacularly imbalanced and load them up with booze.
  48. "cerebral connection"... wow. 
  49. i love that cassandra 
  50. did she say "i wish i WAS dumber?" well she should have said "i wish i WERE dummer." - mairin
  51. she just speaks in such a pretentious way. 
  52. i never heard them talk about that!- mairin.
  53. i feel like she's feigning humility in a way. 
  54. everyone else HAAATES her right now.- mairin.
  55. i don't think sharleen "gets" how to do chit-chat.- jessica
  56. how many times can chris say "connection" in one ep?
  57. can we please talk about the fact that renee is engaged?! 
  58. she's lost weight since that first night. 
  59. isn't it heartbreaking when they get so excited?!
  60. this color is gorgeous on andi.
  61. it feels like she's been coached by abc but she is pretty honest, thank goodness.
  62. i'll say it again.. i wish she would have talked about this with him in the fantasy suite.
  63. she's had 3 months to stew about it. -jess m
  64. no one here thinks juan pablo is engaged.
  65. is he cross eyed?- tina
  66. he looks weary.
  67. and like he's wearing pink lipstick. 
  68. that lady's stank agreeing face was awesome. 
  69. cassandra looks like a vampire.
  70. "eeees ok."
  71. he's so defensive already.- jess m
  72. i didn't CAME to this show...
  73. english!
  74. oooh editing. that would have been helpful to know. 
  75. i like the ben respect. 
  76.  i'm with juan pablo on this. 
  77. homegirl didn't even leave her dog. 
  78. ooooh lauren. you gave up ONE night before you got the boot!
  79. he's like, who are you? - melissa
  80. if he likes them more, he likes them more!- mairin
  81.  that was a good use of "it's ok."
  82. he knows that, andi. 
  83. i think it's funny when people try to pretend that the bachelor is something other than what it is.- melissa
  84. lucy! like she cares. at all. - mairin.
  85. girlfriend, first put a bra on. - tina
  86. but how is that possible! (to have personal relationships with all of the women)- megan 
  87. oh here we go with the dog lover! 
  88. just go crazy, victoria!!- jess m
  89. good for sharleen for standing up for him. 
  90. i think SHE'S booking on the bachelorette- sarah
  91. these interview bloopers are great.
  92. #littlepackage
  93. clare is the WORST!!! "i love that you say it's ok."
  94. seriously that dog is identical. - jess m
  95. cute buns!- jess H
  96. i'm sad that the massage therapist didn't return. 
  97. i really don't think he'll get engaged. 
  98. poor kelli. she's just hunched over petting her dog- melissa
  99. you guys... pop quiz.... HOW DIFFERENT ARE THE WOMEN?
  100. looks pretty split. 
  101. oooh mama is dishing dirt!- jess m
  102. both girls would kill you in your sleep.
  103. audience interviews are amazing!!!!
  104. yeah, i think he's pulling a womack. 
  105. this is like an snl skit!-megan
  106. that was those people's 5 seconds of fame and every single one of them blew it- melissa
oooooh what do you think is going to happen?!
next week is going to be amazing!!!


Swish said...

How about the QUICK FIREWORKS complete with eye roll?!? Way to call out your new husband on national TV, grown sexy ... hahaha

Heather Morgan said...

Reading while watching. Wondering what #68 meant--thought I was past that... Then I saw her and started cracking up.

And, @Swish's comment above is right on the money. SOOO FUNNY! Glad to know I'm not alone Catherine. ;)

Brittany said...

Massage girl was there--top left corner.

Brittany said...

Oh wait, is Lauren H. not massage girl?