{ giveaway } and interview with GEORGIA PELLEGRINI

 my darling georgia pellegrini's THIRD book, Modern Pioneering: More Than 150 Recipes, Projects, and Skills for a Self-Sufficient Lifeis released today and i couldn't be more proud or happy for this fearless friend of mine. we have shared treats and tears over relationships and pioneering our own trails within these careers and lives we are creating.  this is such a beautiful labor of love and one that is accessible for every woman, single, urban, suburban, married...
i want you to know her. she's remarkable.


 here is sweet G in her most candid interview to date:

MiM: G, you were raised a nyc city prep school girl...how on earth did you find yourself a pioneering girl hunter?

GP: I grew up on the same land that my great-grandfather lived on, and always felt a deep connection to the place. I used to fish for trout and eat it for breakfast and my great-aunt knew the name of every plant on our land. I went to prep school in NYC so I always had a foot in two very different worlds—one where Ivanka Trump lived and one where I was shoveling chicken manure. After college and a stint on Wall Street I wanted to find a way to get back to my roots. When I became a chef and then a food writer, and then started hunting my food, I always wanted to hold onto that femininity, the way my grandmother’s generation did. They were such strong, crafty, self-sufficient women, but they always were feminine, wore dresses and made sure their hair was put together. I try to live by those principals. 

MiM: you were going thru a pretty traumatic breakup while you were writing this book. how did you cope? was writing helpful or frustrating? 

Wow… you know what? You’re the FIRST person I’ve ever talked to about my personal life publicly and what better place to “come out” than here? Sometimes people on my Facebook fan page ask if I “like girls” because I’m so mute about it. How fun, here goes.

The answer is, I think this book project came at the best time possible. I was going through one of the hardest most traumatic moments of my life, I put everything I owned in storage, came back to New York, and I dove head first into writing, recipe testing, and photographing this book. I look at it now and can’t believe how much content I squished into 300 pages but it also makes sense… I just didn’t want to stop creating and making and exploring. I love how this book turned out because I put every ounce of myself into it. It was part of a very cathartic experience for me. it is my third “baby” so to speak and there’s nothing I would change about it. I want people to be able to really use it, roll up their sleeves and get messy with it. Experience life viscerally, step outside their comfort zone a bit, try new, fun and fabulous things. And feel super empowered in the process.

MiM: what is your favorite meal to cook for a man you're dating? do you have a "go to" for wooing a man?

Well I’m known as the “meat girl,” and I find the way to a man’s heart really is meat. They just love the stuff. A really good roasted chicken, or even better a big steak is what they want in life. They’re simple humans and they want simple, mouth watering comfort food. Just make sure you wear a pretty dress and a little homemade tinted lipgloss from my book while you serve it and you’re golden.

MiM: what's your best pioneering beauty advice?

Do fun things with your kitchen bits. For example, if you have leftover red wine at the bottom of the bottle after a party, pour it into your bathtub and submerge yourself, the red wine is amazing for your skin. Or… use the leftover coffee grinds from your morning coffee as an anti-cellulite body scrub. Or take the ground almonds from your homemade almond milk and mix it with salt and honey and have an exfoliating body scrub. Or make your own homemade tinted lip gloss from items you already have in your pantry. Be thrifty and beautiful all at once.

MiM: you're essentially the annie oakley of austin, would you ever date a vegetarian? 

HA… that would be very, very hard. I tried dating a guy who didn’t eat red meat before and well, we know how that worked out (see above!).

MiM: what is your ideal "last supper?”

A whole roasted smoked pig that has been slowly cooking for 12 hours over a spit… blanketed in strips of bacon and jars of molasses. Served with some bright green vegetables on the side. I’m kind of a cave woman in what I like to eat. 

MiM: what food/restaurant do you miss most in nyc when you're in texas?

I miss the service! I’m such an impatient New Yorker and I love how everyone is on the ball in New York City. I miss eating at Gramercy Tavern where I used to work because it is so cozy and feels like home, but I also miss my hidden gem spots, like Freeman’s downtown, have you ever been?
 (MiM: i love it. let's go when you're in town for the launch.)It’s my spot… the style is like my house in Austin, “Primitive Modern.” There aren’t truly unique spaces quite like that yet in Austin.

MiM: what food/restaurant do you miss most in texas when you're in nyc?

I miss the outdoor eating aspect of Austin when I’m in NYC. Austin is one of the most social places in the world because the weather is always great so everyone is always outside on a patio somewhere socializing and eating good food. Also, the air here always smells like amazing barbecue. It’s just part of the DNA of the streets.

MiM: what should a cooking novice keep in her kitchen at all times?

Good sea salt! I know that seems simple but most people don’t know how to season their food properly. People are afraid of salt but a little bit will make something average taste extraordinary. The key with seasoning with salt is that you should never taste the salt but rather the flavor of the ingredient should just “pop” more.

MiM: what's your biggest hunting faux pas? 

I always like to feel like a woman and own it, I am very protective of my right to wear mascara, lipgloss and gear that fits me well, rather than fit in with “the guys.” It’s much more fun to be in the outdoors or in life for that matter, when you feel like your truest self.

thanks Georgia!

i keep telling her she's more MORMON than i am...and she's not Mormon.  my oven is currently storing shoes.... i can't wait to start my own sprouting, mixing my own lipgloss, and making squash blossoms!!
gotta get back to my pioneer roots (sorry, willard richards & daniel stark)!

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Chris said...

This book looks amazing! :)

Angel Kendrick said...

I adore the whole idea behind this book !!
I am a modern pioneer because I care madly about the earth and living simple in a modern world !

Carrie said...

I make my own sugar scrubs and lip gloss...it's the best to be able to give gifts to friends that use natural ingredients to nurture rather than fill your body with chemicals:)

ellen said...

I love to bake.

Emily DeBry said...

I bake from scratch and currently my family is transitioning paleo eating so we will be cooking from scratch more and more

Lexi and Robert said...

I constantly see things in the store and say I can make/do that. I feel like I teach myself so many things by trying to make things I could normally buy...it's turned out sometimes and been total disasters other times haha!

Loralei said...

I'm not going to kill anything but clams and lobsters, but I need to remember my "country roots!"

andrew and brittani said...

Thanks to the hubby I've learned to hunt, fish, and grow my own food.

andrew and brittani said...

Thanks to the hubby I've learned to hunt, fish, and grow my own food.

Brandilyn said...

I spend as much time outside as I can! Sometimes I bake my own bread...sometimes. I need to improve my pioneering, which is where this book comes in!

Kika VilaNova said...

This would be amazing for me and my daughter!! :)

JulieAnn said...

What a great idea for a book! I'm trying to move to be more independent - to grow and make my own food. Plus, it's fun to do projects with my keiki :)

Barb said...

We have an epically huge garden planned for this summer and I'm also going to finally learn how to can, and make jam and fruit leather from our 5 (!) fruit trees!

jenessakarol said...

My family is connected the the Willard Richards line. We're practically related :)

Courtney said...

Love the concept!

I'm a modern day pioneer because I don't wait around for anyone to make my life happy/comfortable. I pull up my proverbial skirt, put on my workin' boots, and get busy. In short, I've learned how to avoid being codependent on anyone. Probably the most liberating way to live!

Amy said...
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Marci said...

I love to bake from scratch and avoid processed foods. I especially love to bake bread, there is nothing better than the smell of bread in the oven!

♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...

I love trying to make cleaning products from scratch. I think they are better (and cheaper) than store-bought ones! I also like to grow a lot of my own veggies.
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Andrea Smith said...

This woman is a genius! I am picking up her "Girl Hunter" book this week for sure. Can't wait to read this new one!

Jill said...

I switched to only apple cider vinegar and coconut oil for face wash, toner, and moisturizer. I sometimes smell like a salad, but my skin glows. :-) Thanks for hosting the giveaway!