i am thrilled to announce MAKING IT- SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!
this session, i'm partnering with the brilliant ANNA AIMEE WHITE. we met doing GREASE on broadway and have been best girls ever since. she is one of the most incredible human beings and SICKEST talents i know! 

$175 for anyone registering* today, THURSDAY, MARCH 6th. 

to register, email MormonInManhattan@gmail.com. 

*registration is not complete until a payment is made. 

photo: spencer hall

what are previous students saying about MAKING IT?

The workshop was a blast! I learned so much because it was so well-rounded with the sessions that were provided.  We got a real taste of Broadway when we danced Hairspray, a vocal lesson even better than a master class, a songwritting session that was turned into a highly valuable life examination process, and an audition class that taught us exciting exercises to pull out our best possible performance in an audition setting.  The guest teachers were phenomenal, challenging me to think and perform in ways I didn't anticipate.  I feel like I got the best education I could because of each guest artists' extensive resume.  The day did not even seem like it was seven hours because of how much fun everyone was having.  I loved the energy from Natalie Hill throughout the day.  So many questions were answered I had about the entertainment side of art.  Overall, I was able to leave feeling motivated and had an increased confidence in what I love to do.  Thank you Natalie Hill for putting together such an amazing day that I will never forget! 
 - Natalie B. (student at the University of Utah)

My experience with Natalie's workshop was awesome! I feel a lot more confidence in my decision to follow my dreams and in my abilities 
- Jon R. (student at Brigham Young University)

join the party today!! xo 

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