before i booked my first broadway show, i was suuuper into patricia moreno's intensati workout at equinox in nyc...
it was during the whole "secret" rage and the power of positive thinking became really attractive to me.... and even more attractive when a killer workout was attached.

the week before i met the coach, i decided i needed a paradigm change. i was focusing on what i lacked in my life (essentially everything.. a job, a healthy relationship, money, a pleasant attitude) and found myself in a vortex of fear.. fear that i'd never truly get what i want. i'd been living in that space for a few months and it wasn't a happy town. i realized i needed to dig myself out of this myself (with some divine intervention, obviously)... so i dug this little dvd treasure out of the dvd case and in one hour, i was happier, sweatier, lighter, and lovelier. i really believe it changed things for me in a small but profound way.

you should try it. it's really really fantastic and so motivating... also, i was sore for 2 days (always a benchmark for workout success).

Intensati: Intention and Power - A High Energy Workout for Body, Mind & Soul


Sandi said...

Natalie, I completely needed to read this today.
I've been in a similar hole myself, and I find that when I'm doing crossfit or reading the scriptures is when my mind is clearest and my perspective is better.
Thank you so much!

Lauren said...

Thank you for sharing! I'm excited to try it out. Hope I have similar results :)