jonny p and maggie k

my heart is so heavy over the passing of my dear, sweet, john pinette
we met during the first national tour of HAIRSPRAY and maintained a very special friendship over the last 10 years. he has been my friend, confidante, and stuffed me full of more milkshakes, steaks, and chocolates than anyone else on this earth. we had adventures all over the country and he introduced me to so many cherished friends. 

he is mostly remembered for his hilarious humor, but his generosity of wealth and spirit and his great big heart is what i will miss the very most. to dottie and kathy, his sisters, my heart is broken for you all. this is a great loss for us all.  i will miss the first 20 min of every conversation where he practiced his new material on me to which i'd usually giggle and he'd say, "i know what you're going to say...,you're so stupid, jonny." i didn't need to watch his stand up. i lived it. 

the morning after i heard the devastating news, my sister, nina, went into (one week) early labor with her little precious, maggie kathryn. my darling, BIL, dan, offered to fly me out for all the fun so the coach raced me to provo to pick up some clothes (as we had been in deer valley- planning to ski the fresh monday powder) then to the airport where i arrived two hours after this speedy girl was born. 
thankfully, i was able to watch her birth via facetime as i was boarding the airplane. 

in my history, every time i have lost a cherished loved one for whatever reason, the void has always been filled in some way- though never so immediately. 
yes, i still grieve and miss the people who are gone, but it's funny, some of the precious elements of those people are alive in the new people that enhance my life. 
the circle of life, right?
we have such a loving and tender God. 

if losing jonny and gaining maggie is any indication of this, i'm sure this precious tiny girl will be absolutely hilarious, deeply sensitive, and generous with a heart as big as the sea. 

jonny, i will miss you every day. heaven just got a lot funnier.

maggie, welcome to our beautiful tribe. we love you already. 


Stella Dobry said...

I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your dear friend. Love this post & the message of the circle of life. My grandmother passed away a month ago and I am currently expecting our first baby girl. Baby girl is due just a few days before what would have been my grammie's 90th birthday. I like to think that their spirits are hanging out right now and my Grammie is passing on some of her words of wisdom.

Jaana said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Natalie, and so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who buoys us up with joy even in the most sorrowful moments.

Congrats on the new niece! I love her name - it's so pretty and feminine. I'm an auntie to 22 and they are they best. :)

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